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We have multiple spots in and around our magazine, as well as on our Facebook Group, Facebook Page, at our Magazine's Shows/Events, we are offering a Full page Article, Banner positions on all Pages and within other  Articles, actual Reviews from actual members which will be featured in the News/Reviews section, we also do Instagram Features which are very popular. We advertise all over social media and throughout the car community, our reach is endless.

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So u want to feature your Brand or Business 

We can feature your brand or business in our online magazine and use a logo and or banner you provide randomly in the printed version and in social media posts as a free partner, in exchange we ask that you help promote us, you can do this by using your network to do the same for us as we do for you,  use our logo and tags in your features and ads, a banner or logo on your site directing to us.

We believe in like for like as a small business helping each other we are growing faster than most businesses and we are happy to help others tag along and use our name as an advantage

Remember Advertising is TAX deductible !!

You will reach thousands of readers and users from all over the world, engaged in our Magazine, Facebook group and Page and our shows/events all interested in one thing Cars and everything to do with them,  so if you are after targeting actual people interested in cars then please email us for more info.

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It helps you and your Business if you share and feature your finished article in as many social media places as you can, we appreciate the help, join Stance Auto Mags Group our Facebook Group to keep up to date and in touch with us and the community

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