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These questions are for any one, who wants to have their car featured in our Magazine or has a Build/Project story you want to share to the whole world, this is the right place, we need more and more content daily, You can not post your own car on this site, if you think your car is worthy or you want to get to know the people behind and in the Magazine then why not Join our New Facbook Group, Stance Auto Mags Group here you can post a couple of pictures of your car, chat, join in the competitions, if we like your car we will INVITE you to be Featured in our Magazine....IT IS and always will be FREE!!

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Car owners questions:

Don't answer these questions as a list, use them more like topic headers, tell it like a story as if I was asking you at a car show, your friends and thousands of users will read this engage them, it's your car, show it off, this is a perfect example HERE

  1. name, job, brief bio,
  2. Give us your Instagram tag (We can hyperlink it directly to your page, most people gain more followers)
  3. What or who got you into the car scene,
  4. What do you like about the car scene and what do you get from it
  5. Did you grow up in a family of petrol heads,explain a little
  6. What car do you drive and why this car
  7. What do you think makes your car unique and stand out from the crowd
  8. Full Spec list of everything that you have done,added, or the car as fitted,any future plans for it
  9. have you done the work yourself, details.(you can tag who ever did it)
  10. Do you form part of any groups or clubs? Would you recommend them? Include hash tags or links
  11. Everyone has a dream car. What is yours

include any info you might want to add/storys or anything you think I should have asked, please include at least 8 photo's, Really good ones please THEIR GOING IN A PRINTED MAGAZINE

If your are struggling on what to write speak to one of our lovely girls and they will help you through, it is no good sending me something i can put on a postage stamp, it wont get any views and no engagement, remember we share these articles everywhere, all over Twitter and Instagram, and facebook groups, many car owners and group admins have seen a massive spike in their follower numbers, so it must be working, entertain the audience it's your you car, show it and yourself off, read through some of the other story’s to get an idea of how and what to write, everyone as a story to tell now is your chance.

Please help us by sharing the finished article and any others you like on the site in as many places as you can, put our web address in your Bio on insta, share us on Facebook Groups, tell all your friends, we appreciate the help,car articles that perform badly and only get low views will in time be deleted to make way for other more popular articles, so please make sure you share your article it.

You can't show it of if no one knows where it's posted

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