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Stance Auto Magazine is looking for Volunteers to join us and Photographers, join our Media team.

As we are a free Online magazine this is an unpaid position, but it has its advantages for you and for us, joining our team you will receive our Watermark, to be used in all photographs you take on our behalf, this will show the social networks that you are shooting on our behalf.

Why is this an advantage to you?

Imagine 2 Photographers in the same area, one is shooting for us one isn’t the customer is more likely to choose you, because you are now offering the client a chance to be in an actual Magazine with their car and they will have show worthy Photographs, which will also be shared across all our social media networks by multiple people, this also helps you get your name recognised, your client will get more coverage, gaining you more potential clients.

You can advertise all this in any way you wish, we will Promote your name on our social networks, either through promotions, adverts or media campaigns.

If this appeals to you please click the email button HERE for more info

We are also looking for Content Providers and Guest Posters,

Ever fancied being a writer? Have your car story published? Do you have a passion for cars and love what you do and want other people to share in this with you? now is your chance, this is an unpaid position and is open to anybody, we are always looking for relevant content to publish both Online and in our Printed Magazine, all your stories and content will be linked back to you, with you named as sole Author, these articles are shared across all our social media networks and so is an advantage to you as this will make your name and what you do recognisable across the world, we have plans for the future where this may end up a fully paid position like all the other positions in this magazine, so getting in at the ground level will be an advantage to you.

If this appeals to you please click the email button HERE for more info

This is a Win-Win for us all.

Always Promote our Magazine, by tagging us @stanceautomag, enter us in your stories, generally spread the word, this helps us as well as you.

All the Cars in the Online Version of our Magazine will eventually appear in our Fully Printed Magazine, the cars with the most Views, appear sooner, the Magazine is sold the world over through Amazon, making it easier and faster for people around the world to get their copy. UK and Ireland use our store

If you would like your Car and Story or Your Business Featured like this, Please

Email: Admin, they would love to hear from you.

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