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Below is about the best lineup of Photographers you will find anywhere around the world, most of the Photographs we use on the Featured and Show cars are supplied by these Guys n Gals, and as you may agree they do some fantastic work, they are also responsible for getting some of the cars and the stories you love to read about.

They are all independent Photographers so if you would like to book them for private shoots, maybe you want to get your car on a cover or just want some awesome pictures Please DM them directly, they all have competitive prices, their contact details are included in their Bio's and some of their work can be found on and in our Magazine, Calendars and other merchandise.



Merrick Harding

Instagram @merrick_media 

I started my career as a sports writer/photographer for Sports Illustrated covering the University of South Carolina Gamecocks in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. 

Relocating to San Antonio, Texas, I began working for European Auto Group where he is most known for the episodic vlogs regularly posted on YouTube and the publications featuring his photography including Road & Track, CarBuzz, Jalopnik, Dupont Registry and many more, highlighting the only gated six-speed manual Ferrari 430 Scuderia in the world, the ONLY factory platform manual MKV Supra and the world's first gated six-speed manual Lamborghini Huracan, built by European Auto Group. 

I also shoot for Slammedenuff Clean Culture and now Stance Auto, featuring the cleanest car on the planet 

I fully believe in hard work, determination, and always progressing as he strives every day, to become better and better whether it's with a camera, editing, or producing quality content in any field.

Andrew Turner


Facebook: @blackflagphotography

Instagram: @blackflag_photography

I have been behind the camera since high school shooting baseball games, but during college, the focus shifted to outdoors/hunting shots. It wasn’t until 2015 that I got into the automotive world of photography. I was shooting for my local truck club, KC Trucks, as well as various shows.

Over the last few years, I have been fortunate enough to shoot some of the bigger truck shows, such as Lifted Truck Nationals and even had the opportunity to shoot at SEMA for Renegade Products. I really enjoy shooting all the various trucks around because while on the outside a lot of the lifted trucks look the same, there is always some way that the owner puts their own style to it.

Be sure and follow along on FB and IG for any shows I am at or shoots I have completed.

Antonio Logan


Instagram: @logan_photography_

Hi all! I am Antonio. I am from Raleigh, North Carolina (USA/East Coast). I have been doing Automotive Photography (Photography in general) for about 6yrs now. I started back in 2015. I am a HUGE lover of cars, and I honestly cannot imagine a life without sports cars. If you had to ask me what my dream car is, I would answer the query with the 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R VspecII Nur. The ultimate dream car for me over a Ferrari F40 and F50 (Lol) 

My camera of choice (though I love all cameras), is the Sony Alpha line-up (Full-Frame). In 2015, I started out with the Nikon D5500 at the time. Six months later, I began my journey with the Sony A7. I also do a lot of writing. I have been writing original movie screenplays since 2004 and looking to get back to that soon. I am also a Poetry writer as well. Currently working on two books, my goal is to become New York Times Bestseller and internationally published in Literature.

Adam Delgadillo


Instagram: @oadam7
Facebook: Adam Delgadillo Photography

Hi, My name is Adam. I currently live in Corpus Christi, Texas. I started with photography when I met my wife. She was a celebrity MUA at the time and I would go with her to shoots. Seeing the process and creativity really sparked my interest. I started with beauty and automotive photography. At the time I was building a '86 RX7 and taking photos of it gave me plenty of practice. Fast forward to today and photography has become like air to me. I'm full time with it. Always down for new challenges to get out of comfort zones. I love being versatile and love capturing not only automotive photos but also beauty, weddings, portraits, events, etc...I'm always up for travelling in and out of state for photography work. Not only do I shoot for Stance Auto, but also, Performance Auto & Sound Magazine & Slammedenuff. I'm always looking for nice builds to feature. Reach out and let's create! 

Last words...Create. Enjoy your journey on your unique path in life. Pursue your dreams and goals. If you want it you'll put the time in to achieve it. Become the Hokage of your story! 


Darren Nieuwoudt 

Photographer/ Author

Instagram:  @incogmedia 

Facebook Page: @incogmedia


Hi, my name is Darren. I currently live and shoot in Cape Town, South Africa. I have always been fascinated with photography since I was young. What got me into cars was the first time I watched drag racing at an airbase while my father played soccer. After that, I started going to car shows and racing events at the track. I always wanted to shoot at the events and at the track but didn't have a DSLR. It was only in 2018 when I got my first proper DSLR camera that I was able to do proper photoshoots and car events. It's truly amazing to shoot different cars and meet great people along the way.  I'm really grateful to be part of Stance Auto Magazine and to see what the future holds. If you would like a photo shoot or would like to see my work, you can check out my Instagram page and DM me.

John Hoholik

Photographer/ Author

Instagram @buckys_photography

I prefer to go by Bucky. It’s a nickname I’ve had since I was a kid. Im a 33-year-old freelance photographer based out of Visalia California. I’ve been in California for about 10 years now. I’ve got two kids my son Dalton (10) my daughter Olivia  (4). They love what I do and are some of my biggest supporters. I’m currently shooting for Stance Auto Magazine. I’ve been featured in 1 magazine. I’ve shot for Hyundai as well. 

I got into photography because of my love for the automotive industry. I grew up around cars, dirt track racing, drag racing, hot august nights in Reno, NV. I lived in Nevada for 18 years before moving to California. When I moved here I was going to the local cars and coffee taking pictures on my phone. Meeting a lot of the local car enthusiasts. 5 years ago I finally made the move to buy a camera. Starting shooting more at cars and coffee, Import face-off (IFO). 

That’s when I met Team Nvus. I went to their annual Nvus gathering. Seeing how big they were, how humble they carried themselves. I started networking with them for shoots. 

With the help of that team, I was able to grow in this industry as a photographer. Automotive photography has always been my passion. I’ve started venturing into wedding, portraits, maternity, engagement style photography as well. If you’re looking for a photographer who likes to just have fun, make people laugh, create a vision while capturing a memory. I’m your guy! I hope you enjoy some of my work and stick around to see what’s to come. 

You can find my work on my Instagram @buckys_photography. You can also see my features here as well. 

Thanks for your time!

Ethan Kaye


Instagram: @EK_Photography21

Facebook: @EKPhotography21

TikTok: EK_Photography21

Hello! My name is Ethan Kaye, I am a Portrait and automotive Photographer based out of Wisconsin. I’ve been shooting since 2020, and I’ve come a long way since then. I have always been so fascinated with the car culture and photography since I can remember. When I could start driving I started attending a lot more car meets and meeting more people, so I brought my camera to one of them and just started shooting, after that, I fell in love with automotive photography. I’m hoping I can do photography full time in the near future but I'm happy I can be shooting for stance auto, it is a pleasure working with all of these very creative and nice people.

Looking forward to the upcoming years and shoots! Thank you guys!

Daniel Morris 


Instagram: @real_visuals

Facebook: @real_visuals

Hi, my name is Daniel Morris. I’m a 21-year-old automotive photographer located in Tennessee. This will be my second year of shooting and I’ve loved every moment of it. In addition to shooting for Stance Auto Mag, I’m a full-time photographer for Jd customs USA, and media for Battlegang. 

I’m very excited to see where my future lies with Stance Auto Mag and just photography in general. My photography account is real_visuals on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to message me about a shoot/edit, an event I might be attending or just to talk about photography! 

Shanket Bhikha


Instagram: @shanket_bhikha

Hey Everyone! I am Shanket. I'm 29 years old I go by shank. I currently live in Kingsville, Texas. I have been doing automotive photography since May of 2015 roughly 7 years. I started in 2015 I love cars I got into cars because of fast and furious 1st one was in 2009. Back then a goal in the scene of the supra on table parts was to name the whole table so I have been researching reading a lot of various forums that’s how I fell in love with cars. I love cars to this day after 13 years in the beginning I met a lot of people that became family to me. If you asked me my dream car currently it's 2021 or 2022 Porsche GT3 in orange or white. 

My camera choice go-to is Sony Alpha line up full-frame in 2014 I started with Nikon d3100 I learned my basics practised every day and every week for 1 year then upgraded to Sony a7ii in 2015 then upgraded to a73 and a74. I do run my motel I own in Kingsville with my wife, I also make videos when I get a chance, I love making automotive videos seeing the final product. I have a 2006 Acura Rsx Type- S turbocharged making 670hp on 20 psi tuned by Chadata Tuning in San Antonio Tx. I also shoot Weddings, Engagements, Portraits, Events, anything I can get my hand I’m not scared to shoot something new out of my comfort zone. I work hard to promote my name. I shoot for Stance Auto Magazine and and Padre Ryan photography in Corpus Christi Tx. My motto is Aim, Shoot, Capture. 

Last words Work hard and play later and always stay positive.


Tanner Vogelsang

Photographer/ Author


Tiktok: TScottVisuals

Instagram: @TScottVisuals

Facebook: @T.Scott Visuals

Hello, My name is Tanner Vogelsang. I am motorsports and automotive photographer out of Corpus Christi, TX. Growing up I've always had so much interest in motorsports. Although I was never able to race, I enjoyed every moment of being at the tracks from listening to the engines screaming down the straights to watching intense overtakes on the turns. Over the years I've had so many great opportunities to start shooting trackside at Circuit of the Americas for certain events. These trips to the track are memories I will hold in my heart forever. I love meeting new people who share the same interest and being able to capture these moments to visually tell stories.

If you are a Team or Driver looking to get featured or need race coverage you can reach me at the links provided above.

Pleasure working with you all and looking forward to many more years of coverage to provide.


Dan Blakeman -  @blakemanmedia 


I have always been into cars, and it wasn’t until a friend of mine sold me my first camera, I found something to be just as passionate about. Shooting different cars and meeting the people behind them has been something I have enjoyed since starting my journey in 2018. A lot of work has gone into doing this full-time, but it’s the best job in the world and I’ve met some of the greatest people through it.

Now that I shoot and write for Stance Auto Magazine, I am excited to not just get more people’s build’s, but the story behind them out for the world to see. Check out my pages, and feel free to drop a “like” or “follow.”


Donnie Roc@r0cean11


Photography for me started as a hobby. I have been practising for a little over 15 years now. I was building cars for SEMA before I really dove into the world of automotive photography. I shot mainly for myself as it was and still remains a passion. I did not really get serious until the last car I built was totalled.

I now shoot and write for not only Stance Auto Magazine; I also shoot for PASMAG, Official Racewars USA, Just Vibes Events, and am now affiliated with R1 Concepts. I cover many other events around the United States as well. Automotive photography for me is a way to capture not just a car but the story behind the car. Each builder puts a part of themself into their cars. As a photographer, it’s my job to tell that story and share it through my lens. 

You can check out my Facebook page for all my events coverage along with many individual car shoots I have done. 

Feel free to reach out with questions!

Trey Coleman -


I'm Trey, I run Trey Coleman Photos. I currently reside in Kentucky in the United States. I got into photography when I bought my 2000 Honda Prelude which is my pride and joy. You can follow @5ithgen on IG for updates on it as I'm always doing something for her. I'm not quite sure it drew me to photography 3 years ago, but being an artist of some sort was always in my family. I guess photography is my niche. I do this full time and it's not as easy as it looks, but if it wasn't hard, it wouldn't be fun, right?

I've always been into cars, cars are my life. I always said if I was going to make it in life, it'd be through cars. And here we are.

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