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Below is about the best lineup of Photographers you will find anywhere around the world, most of the Photographs we use on the Featured and Show cars are supplied by these Guys n Gals, and as you may agree they do some fantastic work, they are also responsible for getting some of the cars and the stories you love to read about.

They are all independent Phtotgraphers so if you would like to book them for private shoots, maybe you want to get your car on a cover or just want some awesome pictures Please DM them directly, they all have competitive prices, their contact details are included in their Bio's and some of their work can be found on and in our Magazine, Calendars and other merchandise.



Merrick Harding @merrick_media 

Head of International Photography

I started my career as a sports writer/photographer for Sports Illustrated covering the University of South Carolina Gamecocks in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. 

Relocating to San Antonio, Texas, I began working for European Auto Group where he is most known for the episodic vlogs regularly posted on YouTube and the publications featuring his photography to include Road & Track, CarBuzz, Jalopnik, Dupont Registry and many more, highlighting the only gated six-speed manual Ferrari 430 Scuderia in the world, the ONLY factory platform manual MKV Supra and the world's first gated six-speed manual Lamborghini Huracan, built by European Auto Group. 

I also shoot for Slammedenuff Clean Culture and now Stance Auto, featuring the cleanest car on the planet 

I fully believe in hard work, determination, and always progressing as he strives every day, to become better and better whether it's with a camera, editing, or producing quality content in any field.


Harris Bates - @Hobshots

Hi, I’m  22 From Warrington and currently serving in the British Army.

I'm an official Photographer for Stance Auto Magazine, so watch out for me at shows and events. I'll always try to take the best shots guaranteed. Paul (stanceautomag) is my Father in law. His daughter and I are expecting our first baby any day now (a boy), yes couldn't wait - I needed to know. I'm also Co-Owner of and have a Photography service @Hobshots give me a follow on both, Thanks.


Dan Blakeman -  @blakemanmedia 


I have always been into cars, and it wasn’t until a friend of mine sold me my first camera, I found something to be just as passionate about. Shooting different cars and meeting the people behind them has been something I have enjoyed since starting my journey in 2018. A lot of work has gone into doing this full-time, but it’s the best job in the world and I’ve met some of the greatest people through it.

Now that I shoot and write for Stance Auto Magazine, I am excited to not just get more people’s build’s, but the story behind them out for the world to see. Check out my pages, and feel free to drop a “like” or “follow.”


Donnie Roc -  @r0cean11


Photography for me started as a hobby. I have been practising for a little over 15 years now. I was building cars for SEMA before I really dove into the world of automotive photography. I shot mainly for myself as it was and still remains a passion. I did not really get serious until the last car I built was totalled.

I now shoot and write for not only Stance Auto Magazine; I also shoot for PASMAG, Official Racewars USA, Just Vibes Events, and am now affiliated with R1 Concepts. I cover many other events around the United States as well. Automotive photography for me is a way to capture not just a car but the story behind the car. Each builder puts a part of themself into their cars. As a photographer, it’s my job to tell that story and share it through my lens. 

You can check out my Facebook page for all my events coverage along with many individual car shoots I have done.

Feel free to reach out with questions!

Trey Coleman -


I'm Trey, I run Trey Coleman Photos. I currently reside in Kentucky in the United States. I got into photography when I bought my 2000 Honda Prelude which is my pride and joy. You can follow @5ithgen on IG for updates on it as I'm always doing something for her. I'm not quite sure it drew me to photography 3 years ago, but being an artist of some sort was always in my family. I guess photography is my niche. I do this full time and it's not as easy as it looks, but if it wasn't hard, it wouldn't be fun, right?

I've always been into cars, cars are my life. I always said if I was going to make it in life, it'd be through cars. And here we are.


I’m Andy, 47 from Glossop in Derbyshire.


Most know me as Andrew Paul. That’s kind of a ‘stage name’ so-to-speak from my days as a Wedding and Beauty photographer (long story). I’ve always been into the motor scene ever since owning my very first car, a 1983 Ford Cortina Crusader (God I loved that car…). Since then I have owned too many to list. Plus, I did 3 years of buying and selling cheap runarounds during the late ’90s on the south coast to support my DJ’ing income. From an editorial point of view, I have worked for commercial magazines and directories in the advertising sector. By day I’m a consultant in Pharmaceuticals but I’m also an Automotive and Commercial photographer in my spare time. 

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