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Meet the Team.

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We hope to keep you engaged with lots of stories and activities. Here you can meet our Admins, Authors, Photographers and Founder. Feel free to follow or contact any of the team.


Hi all I'm Paul is otherwise known as StanceAuto, is200_lex , Stanceautomag

Founder of this Magazine and Manchester-born, I now live in Cheshire. I'm a massive car and van enthusiast. I've been customising, buying and selling cars and vans all my life (it runs in the family). I'm the owner of a Lexus IS200, fully modified and supercharged for that extra whoosh. It is my latest passion, but I may end up doing another car.

I run this site in my spare time as I'm a self-employed courier by day delivering Medical, Bioscience and Air Freight. I'm proud to say I'm playing my part during the Covid pandemic, delivering much needed medical supplies.

I started this Magazine so I can play my part and get involved in the car street scene as it is getting so big now. It has lots of fantastic cars and great people with fantastic stories. I hope to bring you lots of cool content and bring 'like-minded' people together as a community so that we can all enjoy the same passion.


Head of International Photography

I started my career as a sports writer/photographer for Sports Illustrated covering the University of South Carolina Gamecocks in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. 

Relocating to San Antonio, Texas, I began working for European Auto Group where he is most known for the episodic vlogs regularly posted on YouTube and the publications featuring his photography to include Road & Track, CarBuzz, Jalopnik, Dupont Registry and many more, highlighting the only gated six-speed manual Ferrari 430 Scuderia in the world, the ONLY factory platform manual MKV Supra and the world's first gated six-speed manual Lamborghini Huracan, built by European Auto Group. 

I also shoot for Slammedenuff Clean Culture and now Stance Auto, featuring the cleanest car on the planet 

I fully believe in hard work, determination, and always progressing as he strives every day, to become better and better whether it's with a camera, editing, or producing quality content in any field.



Hi, I’m Harris, 22 From Warrington and currently serving in the British Army.

I'm the official Photographer for Stance Auto Magazine, so watch out for me at shows and events. I'll always try to take the best shots guaranteed. Paul (stanceautomag) is my Father in law. His daughter and I are expecting our first baby any day now (a boy), yes couldn't wait - I needed to know. I'm also Co-Owner of and have a Photography service @Hobshots give me a follow on both, Thanks.


I’m Andy, 47 from Glossop in Derbyshire.

Author, also Admin for Stance Auto Magazine Page on Facebook

Most know me as Andrew Paul. That’s kind of a ‘stage name’ so-to-speak from my days as a Wedding and Beauty photographer (long story). I’ve always been into the motor scene ever since owning my very first car, a 1983 Ford Cortina Crusader (God I loved that car…). Since then I have owned too many to list. Plus, I did 3 years of buying and selling cheap runarounds during the late ’90s on the south coast to support my DJ’ing income. From an editorial point of view, I have worked for commercial magazines and directories in the advertising sector. By day I’m a consultant in Pharmaceuticals but I’m also an Automotive and Commercial photographer in my spare time. 


Hi all! My name is Elliot Haywood,

Rep and Moderator for Stance Auto Magazine Group on Facebook

I own a Nissan 370z Nismo Tech called Lucy, of which I am very proud of, but I have plenty of plans for her so follow me on Instagram @that_nismo.z to stay updated. I'm based in Southampton where I work for the University. I have only been on the car scene since I was 17 and the first car I started the car scene with was a 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport, I named Evie, which I travelled over 250 miles to collect and drive back. Brilliant car but it was time to move on to the 370z Nismo. I am an admin with Southern Modified UK based in Southampton, and you can find me at local meets and most shows so come and say hi if you see me. The car scene is a truly brilliant place, and there are few things I look forward to as much as a show weekend.


Hi, I'm Shannon,

Author and Rep for Stance Auto Magazine Group on Facebook 

I also sponsor the magazine through my company Boosted Boutique, the online shop directed at females in the automotive world. We hold a lot of trade stands and different shoes across the UK with our sister company Car Couture. My passion for cars and car shows has grown with me from a very young age.

I've owned and modified numerous MX5's, Hyundai's, MR2's, a range rover and my personal favourite... Skyline R33. My current run around is a Nissan X-Trail AKA The Boosted Bus.

Personal Instagram @Mwah_boost

Business Page @BoostedBoutique


Hi I'm Lee  

Rep and Moderator for Stance Auto Magazine Group on Facebook

I live in Leicester but originally from down in the southwest in Plymouth, I am an ex-Royal naval chef and I'm still cooking away today just not in the RN. I have had a love of all things Japanese since I was about 15. I've always wanted to own a jap car.

I've only been driving since 2017, my first car was a fiat punto and then I went on to a  Honda civic EP1 and since then I've owned another 3 jap cars an is200, an mk8 civic and an Audi a4 and now I currently drive an imported gen 6 green Celica,

I always try to attend as many shows and local car meets as I can so if you're ever at any and see me or the car then come say hi, Follow me on Instagram for more awesome pictures @thatgreencelica


My name is Carla,

aged 24, born and residing in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Head Author and Moderator for Stance Auto Magazine Group on Facebook

I have been a petrol head all my life, growing up with a family of car enthusiasts and being introduced to the world of motocross just at the age of 5.

My occupation is very different from my hobbies and passions. Unfortunately, I am stuck behind a desk all day working as a Trust Officer for high net worth individuals.  Luckily, I have a few clients who are also petrol heads and make my life easier.

I am new to the Stance Auto team and sure am loving every single thing about it.

I currently drive a Honda Civic Type R and absolutely love the JDM community


Hi I'm Andy, 37,

from manchester, Originally born in Atherton around the Wigan area, Self-taught maniac ... Sorry mechanic,

Rep and Moderator for Stance Auto Magazine Group on Facebook

And an I work as a structural survey CCTV robotics engineer (sounds flash but really isn't?) A true Japanese fan but with a little old school thrown in, but cars are my passion so whatever you have, be sure I'll be interesting, I am the founder of Rogue Static and along with my amazing team we aim to do some repair to the communities car scene views, as they have become tarnished over the past few years,

We have a well-deserving charity that all our profits go to from our group meets

SSAFA the armed forces charity 

And are sponsored by Import central vehicle imports