Itasha/Themed Cars

Josh Hennerley. - Corsa D VXR

I have always been obsessed with cars - this is probably due to my Dad introducing me to Santa Pod at a young age and seeing the rally...

Dream Cars

Whurree Uzuzmaki - 2016 Hellcat (Challenger)

One Wild Story, How He Won The Lottery Once and Didn’t Even Know It….. 

Dream Cars

Dan - 2004 honda civic type r ep3

I have owned all sorts of cars over the years but currently I have 2 cars one project one daily, no one cares about the daily so let...

Itasha/Themed Cars

Ben Williams - 2018 Renault Clio Dynamique

My interests have not really brought me into the car scene as my interests laid more in video games, anime, and Japanese culture.

Car Build Story's

Tim Hardy  - 2001 Honda Integra TypeR

I couldn't justify selling the EP3 as a whole car and putting the money out to purchase a dc5 and start again, with an unknown engine/box...

Northern Clubs/Groups

Welcome to Skoda VRedS Owners Club

A group full of active members with some really nice cars and lots going on, admin are very friendly and helpfull, your more than...