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A Factory Manual Ferrari F430 And A Converted Manual Ferrari...

Two nearly identical Ferrari F430s are for sale at the same time are going head to head on two different auction sites

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Damian Sorensen - 2008 Volkswagen GTI

I've wanted a GTI since playing Gran Turismo 4. I saved up the in-game money to buy the HPA Motorsports Golf R32 and used that for...

Our Readers Cars

Jake watts - Nissan 350z 2005

Well the story is my dream car was a skyline but I test drove the r33 and r34 but they both didn’t suit me so I was curious as I have...

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Jose Gonzalez - 2013 Sion FRS

Me being a 2JZ fan and owning 2JZ build cars before this car I took a liking to the look of the car and saw what could be. And so...

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Luke Herzog - 2013 Scion FR-S

I have had 6 cars including a lot of B6 A4’s and a Volkswagen Jetta, and all those cars were just winter beaters and then I sold my...

Girls Show Cars

Kristine Ayers - 2014 Bagged Scion TC

When I asked her what her dream vehicle would be she said “Easy, my dream car would be a Nissan R34 GT-R Skyline and a Lexus IS300.”