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Welcome to The BOTB 


I started BOTB in 1999, but my motivation for the business was born much earlier. Quite simply, I have always loved cars! From a young age it was my desire to be around - and ultimately own - a lovely car that made me start BOTB.

The idea was simple - to give people a great chance to win the car of their dreams for a small amount of money. 19 years on, I’m proud to say that this dream has been realised for hundreds of people who are now driving cars that they merely dreamt of when they were little boys or girls!

Who we are:

BOTB (Best of the Best Plc) was established in 1999 and has been located in major airports, shopping centres and online at Every week someone is guaranteed to win their Dream Car. In the past 20 years, there have been over 500 winners, taking home over £31 million worth of prizes.

What makes us different?

  • Most renowned and established company in the sector
  • Amazing range of over 150 dream cars starting from just 85p per ticket - quite simply, the "Best of the Best"
  • New lifestyle competition including prizes such as holidays, watches, gadgets, cash and many more.
  • 30% commission - one-year lifetime commission structure (new users only)
  • Free delivery all over the world, making it an international programme
  • Not a lottery - winning requires skill and judgement, making more people want to play
  • Playing online is easy - users only need to open an account to play in all BOTB competitions, giving people the chance to win the car they'd love to own, but maybe cannot quite afford or justify. The guaranteed winner of each competition is determined using a digital 'Spot the Ball' mechanism, which players enter as part of the ticket buying process.
  • Ex-England football international Sol Campbell is one of our professional judges

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