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We are always looking for News and Stories, Car and Group Write-ups, below you will find links for the forms we use to submit your Articles. now we are on google news, all the stories on this site are now even more discoverable to the world.

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Car/Truck and Van write-ups

This is a perfect example HERE, of a good story, all cars go Online, some are saved before they go live, these are the ones we put straight in the Printed magazine.

Below is the Form link just click it to go straight to the form.

 Form Car/Truck/Van Owners  

If you're struggling to write a story out, I use Google Docs and add Grammarly App, so it picks up the mistakes, you may find these handy if you're still struggling, then DM us through the Facebook messenger at the bottom corner of the site, and we can do an interview-style write up, ill ask you some questions and use your answers to create your story, just have about an hour spare to chat.

You don't have to answer them all, their just a guide. An idea for paragraphs: Don't worry about Grammar or Spellings we proof read everything, it doesn't have to be the length of a book, at least if your struggling for inspiration have a look at some of the others in the mag. 

If you don't want to fill the form in or are struggling Dm us so we can help you, below is a list of the questions, you can just write your story out and send it to us with the images if you wish, don't worry about grammar or spelling we will take care of that for you, please also remember your family and friends will read this and thousands of users/(no pressure) please do not answer in single lines try to put some depth into it.

1. Your Name

2. Your Car Model and Make.

3. Your Instagram Tag.

4. The Photographers Instagram tag if applicable.

5. A short Bio about you, where you're from, age, your job.

6. Please tell us in your own words, what or who got you interested in cars and the car scene, was it a family member or friend, was it films or games, did you go to events or car shows, explain a little in your own words

7. Why this Car?

8. Why did you build this Car?

9.When you drive the car or see it parked up, what does it feel like, when people notice it driving or parked up at shows and ask you questions, how does it make you feel, is this why you built it or have you built it for your passion,?

10. Everyone likes to give out some handy tips or advice for those thinking of getting the same car, what can you share, any advice on sticky situations you may have come across and found an easy answer for, any tips on what to look for when inspecting the car at first purchase, any handy modding tips,

11. What do you think makes your car Unique, stand out from the others?

12. Full Spec list as you know it, whether you added anything or was there when you bought it, list as these headings, Engine, Interior, Exterior, Wheels, Suspension and Brakes, if you haven't done anything yet or it was bought as is, then put the factory list.

13. Did you do the work yourself or did someone help, you can name them, please use Instagram tags if you do.

14.What are you planning next for the car, list the parts if you want as a wish list, are you planning to sell and upgrade to another model, what are your future plans?

15. Most of us are in lots of groups you don't have to name them all just the ones you feel most loyal to or would recommend to others, and why you would shout them out, include Instagram tag and club?.

16. What as the scene done for you, as it brought you, new friends, work, what do you get out of it and put into it, as it brought you newfound happiness or hobbies a sense of belonging.

17. What's your dream car?

Please send along with your images, to you can zip your images or use a shared folder, please remember we need the very best images, so when it goes to print we will get the best look from the images.

We now have Printed Magazines and Calendars, we strongly advise that if you wish to see your car in a magazine the story is important and must be worth reading, but most of all your images must be Hi-Res, this is so we get the best look from the pictures of your car when its printed, low-res, phone pics are not recommended (these are ok for the Online Magazine)

Groups and Clubs write-ups

This part is for car Groups and Clubs that want to add their page to our magazine, so others can find them and maybe join, this helps us all as it builds a bigger community, This is our Facebook Group Stance Auto Mags Group, why not join our group and get to know us all and join in the chat.

HERE!! Is a good example

Below is the Form link just click it to go straight to the form.

Form for Groups/Clubs 

News and Stories

Have you ever fancied writing stories for a magazine, or do you already have your own blog or news feed and you want to get some more reach, or have you got a story from the car scene you wish you could tell the world or highlight it for others to read, below is a Form for your News or Stories feel free to submit them if we think they are print-worthy we will publish them for you, you will as always be named as the sole Author, all credit will go to you, 

Below is the Form link just click it to go straight to the form.

Form For News/Stories

If you are an established Author, have a Blogg or Newsfeed and want to do this regularly, we can ad you as an Author giving you access to the writer of the article instead, please submit some worthy stories for us to read and tell us you wish to be an Author for us. all credit will go to you in all stories you produce.


Get some free advertising and show your work off, it's simple either ask your clients to write out a story or you create one like this link, advertising to your clients that you may be able to get them in a magazine is working for other Photographers, they are getting more work, why not try it or DM us for details

We now have lots of very talented Photographers in our groups (not paid by us) who offer their services at different prices for professional Photoshoots we highly recommend you think of this before submitting photos for print (this is not a must, it's just advice and will not hinder your chances of going in the printed magazine) 

Photographers adverts link HERE we recommend you go and check it out!!

All the Cars in the Online Version of our Magazine will eventually appear in our Fully Printed Magazine, the cars with the most Views, appear sooner, the Magazine is sold the world over through Amazon, making it easier and faster for people around the world to get their copy. UK and Ireland use our store

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