West Design Car Drawings

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West Design Car Drawings

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So I'm Will I'm 25 years old and I'm a relatively new auto illustrator. I've always enjoyed drawing cars and trucks pretty much anything with engines for the last 19 years

It's always been a hobby. I recently lost my job due to the covid-19 and I decided to set up a page on Facebook just to see how popular it was an instant success. 

My page as been in operation now for  a couple of months and has gone from strength to strength which makes me very happy, you can find examples of my drawings, i also like to show how i am doing them in stages, so you can see the work that is going into them, you can contact me directly through the page or use our email.



I draw six days a week, one drawing a day and they are shipped to their owners the next day so I try to keep a quick turnaround time for the owners and to keep up with demand. 

Cars are £60 to £100 depending on the owner's requests. Prices include shipping worldwide.

My goal is to be as good as Iker Darko. He's also an auto illustrator but he's someone I look up to in this field and someone I inspire to be as good as one day.

I have teamed up with another called 'Not Another Car Club UK' and we have all our logos on hoodies that people can purchase from www.drapersdecals.co.uk

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