Jim Scott - MK1 Cortina 1966

Our best outing was when we went to Buckingham Palace for the Queen's 80th and again when she was 90 ,not many Cortina's get to display inside Buckingham Palace

Jim Scott - MK1 Cortina 1966
Jim Scott - MK1 Cortina 1966
Jim Scott - MK1 Cortina 1966
Jim Scott - MK1 Cortina 1966

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My name is Jim Scott and live just over the border in Scotland with my partner Anne

I spent all my working life in the motor trade being a Heavy truck mechanic and heavy recovery driver,so this is where my interest in cars came from, I have been retired for the last 7 years after working for the same company in Penrith Cumbria for 43 years only moving to Scotland when I finished work

My very first car was a little Morris Minor then the Ford bug took over and got my first Ford Anglia which after a few years I re-shelled with a new shell from Fords for £100 then in 1973 got my first new Ford [Ford Escort sport] and since then it has been new Fords all the way going through Escorts, Orions, XR3, XR3i, more Escorts and 6 new Focus, my present car is a new MK4 Focus

My Cortina came along in 1990 when I bought it from its first owner in Darlington, my brother had a MK1 Lotus Cortina at the time

My Cortina is a 1966 4-door deluxe in Alpina green, I restored it myself except for the final top coat of paint, it took me about 2 years, and at the time I just wanted it on the road to go to shows with my brother in his.They were a lot of welding to do with rust in all the usual places for Fords from the 60s

The very first show it won a prize and it has never stopped winning since then, we got 52 awards in the last two years and overall we have got 860 in our 30 years of ownership not all on display I might add, been quiet this year with nothing and no miles done

The car has now covered 208,000 miles with 148,000 done by ourselves as it had 60,000 when I bought it , we do about 7,000 miles a year going all over the UK, we like going up North as the roads are much quieter and as we only drive at 50 mph suits the car well All the work on the car is done by myself with the engine out in winter for a check over and repaint, it has no modification on it at all it is just as it came from the factory with all the interior original no retrimming at all

Our best outing was when we went to Buckingham Palace for the Queen's 80th and again when she was 90, not many Cortina's get to display inside Buckingham Palace We entered the Autoglym Concours in 2000 and got into the final at the NEC for 8 years in a row, also with Meguirs for one year again at the NEC Classic show also a winner at Waxstock in 2014 runner up in 2013 and 2018 We have been Club supreme champion 3 times in the MK1 Cortina Owners club and now organise the club stand for the club at the Classic show in November which we have done for a number of years

We are also in our local Cumbria Classic Car Club as well as the Cumbria Steam vintage club and the Scottish pre-67 Ford club

The Cortina is well known in the Ford club scene, we have been on all the Ford Lakes Tours,14 in total. We get to about 30 shows and runs a year going on local runs and treasure hunts This year has been a total disaster for the car shows, the only good to come from it I have not had to lie underneath it washing it after we have got dirty in some muddy field This vehicle is no trailer queen and drives everywhere it goes


Jim and Anne

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