Russells Supra Mk4 (a.k.a Supruar)

Obviousley a very talented man this is his second car on here, this is the gorgeous supra

Russells Supra Mk4 (a.k.a Supruar)
Russells Supra Mk4 (a.k.a Supruar)
Russells Supra Mk4 (a.k.a Supruar)
Russells Supra Mk4 (a.k.a Supruar)
Russells Supra Mk4 (a.k.a Supruar)
Russells Supra Mk4 (a.k.a Supruar)
Russells Supra Mk4 (a.k.a Supruar)

*Every now and then you come across special people, people that dream big and then achieve it, dedication and drive, shows in spades with russell, the amount of hours and labour gone into his dream must be mind boggling to a lot of people, but not russ he as a dream and he's dam going to make sure he completes it, these two cars he is doing are insane , the stereo and in car gadgets are mind boggling, these are going to attract so much attention and i hope he uses this to inspire people especially young people to get into this field, this field of dreams he as created, hard work gets you everywhere sadly a lot miss this and just buy a car of the shelf already modified, please young generation, this can be done by your own hands russ is living proof, make sure to check his Progress out on his Facebook dedicated page, where he keeps everyone up to date with all his work and progress, go check it out *

This is Russells Second Car on here check out his other a CliO MK1 HERE

Russell Sherrin-Jones

Insta - @russellsherrinjones (Make sure to give him a follow) 

YouTube -

FacebookProject Stormtrooper

I’m 39 and work as an insurance claims assessor. I have been modding cars since I was 18 and have had 34 cars so far most of which have been modded of some description. I drive a 2017 Infiniti Q30 Sport as a daily and have the other 2 cars as projects. I do almost all of the work myself from bodywork, I.C.E, interior to electrics.

Supra Mk4 (a.k.a Supruar)

I bought the Supra in 2008 complete with a Bomex kit, big rear wing, JL and Boss audio, Sparco seats, H&R coilovers and 19” wheels. It was painted in 7 colour Aquarius flip paint and had a HKS HiPower exhaust. It even had the Japanese speed limiter which is still present. It is a 2JZ GE 3.0 N/A fitted with a 5 speed manual gearbox. It had been featured and shown in Japan and England before I bought it and been to a fair few shows and events while I have owned it.

It stayed pretty much the same until 2014 as a daily car but then I had an accident on the way to a Dyno day. The front end was totalled. Once it was checked for straightness and the broken bits removed I decided to do something different with it. I have never liked the front of the Supra too much anyway so went for a facelift.

I sourced a Jaguar XKR front bumper and headlights. Also a Supra fibreglass vented bonnet was chosen and modified to fit with the new front end parts. I also got some Jaguar XF wing vents and Jaguar 20” Arona wheels with PCD adapters. The front wheels need to come out another 25mm to fill the arches better.



I found a slightly damaged Ford Focus RS rear diffuser and blended that into the rear bumper. I also smoothed all of the panels with fibreglass so the car is one continuous piece with no panel gaps. It also had the rear wiper and aerial etc removed for smoothness. The tailgate shape was changed slightly on the inside of the rear lights to make a nicer shape and I bought an original Supra spoiler but chopped 8 inches of it and smoothed it into the tailgate.

I removed both cats and had a custom made twin exit dual 5” exhaust fitted at MIJ Performance in Walsall. All boxes have been removed so it is completely straight through….Its loud!!!! People said the twin exit exhaust could not be done on a Supra due to the fuel tank position but I did it anyway.

Interior wise the panels had some marks and cuts in it and looked quite tired. I decided to go for a full sticker bomb interior covering. I also sourced a full set of leather seats front and rear from a jaguar XF which have a Jaguar logo on them which look pretty cool. I have had to wire up the electrics for the 11 way positioning and the heated seat elements. Some of the interior plastics I had done in flip paint. I also changed the colour of the carpets and roof lining to black and bought a new gear knob and Momo wheel with “Snap Off” boss.

For the audio I changed to a Pioneer stereo with a 10” tablet sitting in front of it. The 2x JL W0 subs were replaced with a single 12” Rockford Fosgate 12” Power series in a ported box and a Directed 1100d amp. The front and rear speakers are Kenwood dual mags which were left from the previous build. I also did a battery to boot conversion (Mainly because of the larger Jaguar headlights not allowing space for a battery in the front)



When it was all done, due to all the smoothing and bodywork damage, I decided to move away from the flip paint and opted for a new product called Autoflex which is a gloss liquid wrap. This was done in white and the wheels painted Vauxhall Arden blue.

The car took 3 years to build. It has been done a couple of years and is showing some age related marks but is holding up well. It will have a full respray and some bodywork tidy ups later on. It will probably be painted this time instead and some exterior styling changes. I will more than likely do a single turbo conversion too on the current engine. I will also change the front and rear speakers to some better quality components running off a 4 channel amp.

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