Michael Ferens - BMW Mini 2004 R50 1.6

My project build is a BMW Mini 2004 R50 1.6 which is still currently in progress. After all, project builds aren't completed from one day to another! 

Michael Ferens - BMW Mini 2004 R50 1.6

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My name is Michael Ferens, aged 21, living in the Jersey Channel Islands.  

I am currently a Mechanic and being passionate about what I do, I have carried out all the work myself excluding the paint and bodywork. 

Instagram: @j.c.i.mini_R50_

My project build is a BMW Mini 2004 R50 1.6 which is still currently in progress. After all, project builds aren't completed from one day to another! 

I have been raised in the car scene and have visited many car shows all over the UK which has given me the motivation to do my own build with the intention of taking part in many more shows in the future. 

To start off, I purchased my Mini in 2017 completely standard from a garage. It was an ex company car. The reason as to why I chose this car was due to the fact that you do not see many modified Mini's in Jersey and being unique in what I do, this was the perfect project for me. 

Once I purchased my Mini, I kept it standard for a while and commenced my journey by introducing small modifications while it was still on the road. During this time, I made the most of it to save money as I knew the plan was to take the car off the road for a full rebuild, engine swap and body works to include color change. All of this costs time and money and I had to wait for the right time in order to get things right! 

To start my rebuild process, I purchased a Mini Cooper S R53 (2002). I utilised this car for components such as the engine, gearbox, harness, steering column and car electronics, the rest of the car went to scrap. 


I have numerous plans lined up for the interior however, I am still currently in the process but, this is how far I have got -

  • * 4 point harnesses
  • * Custom roll cage
  • * Full bucket seats
  • * OMP seat mounts
  • * Boot battery box
  • * Audi headliner


The Mini is currently being sprayed at a local garage and the following is everything I have done to date- 

  • * Front and rear power flex
  • * Front and rear R53 breaks
  • * Silver project rear control arm upper and lower
  • * HEL brake hoses 
  • * All brake pipes renewed and coated 
  • * Stance plus coil overs
  • * New wheel bearings all round
  • * Underside body painted
  • * Aero side skirts and bumpers
  • * Engine bay painted white
  • * Front anti roll bar (24mm)
  • * Full sportex exhaust system 
  • * De chromed including belt line, door handles and headlight surround.


First step of the engine was to give it a full clean and strip down as the plan was to Forge the internals whilst fully rebuilding the engine. Work undertaken has included the following:- 

  • * All seals and gaskets 
  • * Timing chain with cogs and tensioner 
  • * ARP head bolts
  • * ARP crank bolts
  • * ARP cam bolt 
  • * ARP connecting rod bolts
  • * ACL connecting rod shells
  • * King main shells
  • * Airtec oil cooler
  • * New men PH2 cam
  • * K1 forged connecting rods
  • * Wiseco forged piston crowns
  • * All sensors
  • * Airtec front mounted intercooler 
  • * 550cc injectors
  • * All core plugs
  • * Supercharger service kit
  • * 15% pulley
  • * Aircon delete
  • * Battery located in boot
  • * Lightened and balanced crankshaft
  • * Stage 2 clutch
  • * 6 speed gearbox
  • * Airtec induction kit

For a while I was on the lookout for a unit due to requiring the space before I could being my rebuild and project. I managed to locate a unit early 2019 which is when I decided to take my Mini off the road and start my longstanding project. The car was then stripped of exterior and the engine bay, that's when I made the decision to respray the bay. Getting the bay sprayed encouraged my decision to get the body work done to include the color change (I will keep that a secret once it is out of the garage)

The current stage of my project is that my car has now been primed and ready for paint and I am also working on the last touches on the engine.  

I will definitely be in touch soon with more news and progress.  

Thank you for your time reading my story. 


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