Wax n Away event at Veterans Garage Barton City Airport

These are always a good event to attend and we have all been to the Cars and Coffee meets at Barton City Airport so we know this is going to be a big one, we will see you there

Wax n Away event at Veterans Garage Barton City Airport

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Wax & Away

@fuelledbywaxandaway will be now hosting our very own events regularly and working in partnership exclusively with @veteransgarage @city_airport

Our first event will be held on Sunday 27th June and each month after this date.

  • Veterans garage
  • City airport and heliport
  • Liverpool Rd
  • Eccles
  • Manchester
  • M30 75A

We will also be holding weekly meets in the afternoon.

Remember this is a strictly static event and family-friendly so please drive carefully, park up and switch off your engine!

Also please enter and exit the grounds safely and in a behavioural manner, if you do not abide by the rules your registration will be noted and handed to the police. you will be asked to leave and never return to our events.

Let’s make this the start of something great with like-minded enthusiasts and raise as much money as we can for a great cause @veteransgarage

Food and drinks will be on-site including an outside bar and seating area right next to the helicopter pad  

Make sure you all share and follow @fuelledbywaxandaway for more information on the up and coming events.

This is now just 1 of 3 plots we have to hold events and trust me there’s much more to come

If there’s any other business that would like to trade on the day please drop us a message and we can get back to you as soon as possible.

The entry fee has not yet been clarified but will be added to the post next week.

We want to thank you all for your support over the years and your continued support for the future.

People who already know who we already know, we always put on a great show with mega cars and bikes.

For any more enquiries please contact us via:

: 07864010159

: james@waxandaway.co.uk

: www.waxandaway.co.uk

Wax&Away, Unit 1a, Knowsley Street, Manchester,M8 8QN

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