1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build

Ramon Maldonado's love for cars started with American classics, but a chance encounter with a Honda Acty sparked a passion for Japanese imports. Explore his unique build and the camaraderie of the JDM scene

1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build
1998 Honda Acty SDX 5 Speed 4WD
1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build
1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build
1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build
1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build
1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build
1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build
1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build
1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build
1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build
1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build
1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build
1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build
1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Build

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Ramon B Maldonado

1998 Honda Acty SDX 5 Speed 4WD

Instagram: @actyfire

Photographer/Author - Donnie Rochin 

Facebook: r0cean11 Photography

Instagram: @r0cean11    


“The more I take care of my car, the more it takes care of me.”

Ramon Maldonado, a 42-year-old single father of two from Austin, Texas, has a passion for cars that are deeply ingrained in his life. While his childhood revolved around tinkering with American muscle cars with friends, a shift occurred in 2001 with the release of "The Fast and the Furious." This iconic film ignited a newfound love for imported vehicles.

1998 Honda Acty SDX 5 Speed 4WD

From Acura to 1998 Honda Acty SDX: A JDM Journey Begins

One captivating TikTok video featuring a Honda Acty was all it took to spark Ramon's interest. Intrigued by the quirky little truck, he delved deeper and stumbled upon a YouTube video showcasing a local import dealership's Acty build. One visit later, Ramon was smitten. This encounter marked the beginning of his JDM journey and the purchase of his first-ever Japanese import.

Before the Acty, Ramon owned and modified a 2002 Acura RSX Type S. Drag strips and car shows became his playground, further solidifying his preference for Hondas – coupes and hatchbacks to be exact. Each car received the full treatment, boasting motor swaps, upgraded wheels, and custom exhaust systems.

1998 Honda Acty SDX A Showstopper Acty

Cruising around in his Acty brings immense joy to Ramon. The unique truck is a guaranteed head-turner, constantly attracting photo requests and questions from curious onlookers. Whether parked or cruising, the Acty never fails to spark conversations.

Ramon finds immense pleasure in answering questions, witnessing the smiles he evokes, and connecting with those who share his passion and appreciate the meticulous work poured into the build. For aspiring Acty owners, Ramon offers valuable advice: find a reputable importer, request detailed pictures and videos to assess potential rust or damage, perform a thorough vehicle inspection, and leverage the knowledge available on Acty social media groups.

1998 Honda Acty SDX 5 Speed 4WD

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1998 Honda Acty SDX Modifications 

1998 Honda Acty SDX Engine/Drivetrain Modifications -

  • Factory motor 
  • Painted valve cover
  • New spark plugs wires cap
  • Rotor
  • Vacuum lines
  • Catch Can

1998 Honda Acty SDX Suspension Modifications -

  • Progressive Springs extended shocks
  • 2-inch lift
  • Lower stabilizing bar 
  • Control arm bushings

1998 Honda Acty SDX Brakes/Wheels/Tyres Modifications -

  • Factory brakes
  • 15” XXR WHEELS
  • 205/50R15 Hankook Ventus V2 

1998 Honda Acty SDX 5 Speed 4WD interior

1998 Honda Acty SDX Interior Modifications -

  • Alarm
  • Keyless entry 
  • Custom painted interior
  • Custom Bride seats
  • Shift boot
  • Custom armrest
  • Dash mats
  • Parking brake cover
  • Custom Carpet
  • JDM mats
  • Momo petals
  • NRG quick-release 
  • NRG steering wheel and lock
  • Steering wheel hook
  • 3-D printed phone holder
  • Cup holder
  • Gauge pod
  • AC/Heater controls
  • Upgraded hardware
  • Fire extinguisher
  • JDM road flare
  • LED interior lights
  • Backup camera

1998 Honda Acty SDX Audio/Video -

  • Upgraded Bluetooth radio
  • Rockford door speakers tweeters
  • 8in sub
  • 300-watt amp

1998 Honda Acty SDX 5 Speed 4WD

1998 Honda Acty SDX External Modifications-

  • Front and rear spoiler
  • Rear diffuser
  • Custom battery cover
  • Custom exhaust
  • Amber fog lights
  • Custom roof rack
  • Front and rear light bars
  • Third brake light
  • California mirrors
  • Spare tyre bracket mount
  • Front rear tow hook
  • Wood bed
  • Clear engine cover window tint decals underglow
  • Jumbo door visors

1998 Honda Acty SDX Uniquely Crafted: A Labor of Love

Ramon's Acty is a true standout. The extent of customization sets it apart from most Actys. Notably, Ramon's Acty boasts a one-of-a-kind wooden bed – a feature unseen on any other Acty he's encountered. The project involved the combined efforts of Ramon, his father, and his son. For tasks beyond their expertise, Ramon enlisted the help of his friends at Custom Auto ATX (@customautoATX on Instagram).

The future holds exciting plans for the Acty. Overfenders are on the horizon, tailgate paint jobs are in the works, and an air suspension system (bagging) is a future possibility. While selling the Acty isn't on the immediate agenda, a truly irresistible offer might spark a change of heart. After all, there comes a time when every project reaches a point of completion, paving the way for new endeavours.

1998 Honda Acty SDX 5 Speed 4WD

The JDM Community: A Network of Support and Passion

One of the first Facebook groups Ramon joined – Honda Actys Enthusiasts – has proven to be an invaluable resource. This group provides a supportive network brimming with knowledgeable members who readily share parts recommendations and troubleshooting solutions. The JDM scene has become much more than just a car culture for Ramon. It's fostered new friendships, broadened his knowledge of various vehicles, cultures, and styles, and provided a sense of community. The shared passion and the joy of discussing builds and admiring each other's work bring him immense fulfilment.

While his garage might dream in Midnight Purple, boasting a Skyline GTR R34 V-Spec as its ultimate resident, Ramon's meticulously crafted Honda Acty is a testament to his dedication, resourcefulness, and the enduring spirit of the JDM community.

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