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Halfway into 2020, my channel has almost 10,000 subscribers and over 3,000,000 views in total.

The J Media

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My name is Justin and I started my YouTube channel,

The J Media, back in June 2015. I started the channel to document my life, uploading a whole variety of videos ranging from car DIY tutorials to travel vlogs. In January 2016, I decided to mainly focus on uploading automotive videos on my YouTube channel apart from the occasional travel vlogs, and camera equipment reviews. I have dedicated myself to uploading 4 times a week on the YouTube channel, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 9 am CST. 

Halfway into 2020, my channel has almost 10,000 subscribers and over 3,000,000 views in total. I also make use of other social media platforms such as my Instagram pages @jus_tyn and @thejmedia, as well as my Facebook page The J Media to cross-promote my YouTube channel. I update those social media platforms religiously a few times a week.

Moving forward, my plan in 2020 is to expand my YouTube channel further. My goal is to increase my fan base on YouTube to 15,000 subscribers by next year and my Instagram to 10000 followers by the end of 2021. I believe that my consistent upload schedule as well as constantly improving the way I film and edit my videos will help to achieve my goal.

I have close to 1000 videos on my YouTube channel after over 5 years of making videos! I started out making random videos like hiking, cooking and car vlogs. I realized that I like to film car content and decided to focus on that. For anyone who is looking to start a YouTube channel, I would say go for it! It does not matter even if you do not have an expensive camera to film videos.

I started out with a $100 GoPro and over the years, I slowly upgraded my camera equipment. Cell Phones nowadays shoot great HD quality videos so if you are on a budget, I would recommend just starting filming videos on that! As for video editing software, there are a bunch of free ones out there Apple has iMovie and Microsoft computers have Windows Movie Maker which is free to use. I started on Windows Movie Maker and advanced to better editing software over the years. If there is a word of advice that I  can leave you with, it would be that consistency is key to growing your YouTube channel! 

Thank you for the opportunity to share my YouTube story and I would appreciate it if you checked out my channel and other social media platforms!

YouTube: The J Media

Instagram: @jus_tyn and @thejmedia

Facebook Page: The J Media


Best regards,

Justin C

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