Nigel Omalia - Astra merit

I've been doing cars for years tuning playing with nitro-us oxide for over 10 years

Nigel Omalia - Astra merit
Nigel Omalia - Astra merit
Nigel Omalia - Astra merit
Nigel Omalia - Astra merit
Nigel Omalia - Astra merit
Nigel Omalia - Astra merit

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Hi all,

My name is Nigel Omalia.

I currently drive a Astra merit!

I have been working on cars for years. Tuning and playing with nitrous oxide for over 10 years now!! Just love cars but I am also biker aswell. Haha

Lets talk abit about my car. I have been building cars for years. I first started with Minis. I owned my own business a1 minis. I can say it did well! We put every engine you can think of in Mini's but I did a lot of work with turboe Mini's and high spec 1460 full race engines,  which one was in mine, I took it to castle combe race track on Mini worlds magazine day out!!

After a while I got a job welding for ACK fabrication, we were the first in Northwest to put cosworth engines in mk2 escorts, we moved onto RS turbos getting them to 250bhp. I then decided to build a Talbot sunbeam rally car and a Lotus sunbeam these were great cars and actually were the reason they got me into rally driving. I later helped my friend Kev, he was the 1600cc amateur champion from Preston, I helped him keep the car in the rally by doing his mechanics and repairs.

I have built a 205 GTI 1.9 bored out to the max, an Evo full forged engine big spec which is very fast, 2 years at TOTB it caught fire, so I lost heart in the car, I ended up building a mk2 Golf GTI big bumper and Vr6 turbocharged. Awesome right?

Then comes the Astra merit, this is what I have today a bit ruff round the edges shes solid all the way through no plates welded or major body fixes, part gsi interior , the rest is stripped, no roof lining or sound proofing not even a stereo I like the turbo sound, the engine is full forged Saab b204 875cc injectors running at 60%, gt35 turbo full 3” exhaust, my intercooler is matched to turbo so I don’t get lots of turbo lag, it was mapped 2 years ago at 400 bhp, tuning 1.4 bar but it’s got 100 shot of nitrous oxide on now, I can turn boost up to 3 bar in car for extra power, the gearbox is a fm55 501 box with a lsd made in America for me to fit, I've had no problems with the car, drives like an every day car untill you let the turbo loose then the fun begins.

The car is good for over 170 mph it has been tested, best quarter mile last year was 13s ish without lsd so it should be better now I have one fitted.

Some Groups I follow include Jap2jap and ukhotcars,stanceauto magazine.

Shows I attend are totb, ormskirkfest, Jap2jap shows and classic car shows over northwest13 

I would say my dream car is a metro 6R4. 

Thank you for reading my story. 

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