Christoph - Ford Focus RS MK2

I put every euro in the money box to buy my dream car in cash

Christoph - Ford Focus RS MK2
Christoph - Ford Focus RS MK2
Christoph - Ford Focus RS MK2
Christoph - Ford Focus RS MK2
Christoph - Ford Focus RS MK2
Christoph - Ford Focus RS MK2
Christoph - Ford Focus RS MK2

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Hello everyone, my name is Christoph. I'm 22 and come from Germany.

I earn my money as a heating engineer, and I also have a small workshop with a friend where we polish and repair cars.

You can find me on Instagram at @ guse_rs_mk2.

I've been driving a Ford Focus RS MK2 for almost 3 years. When I was a little boy I said I would drive this car someday. At first, everyone laughed, of course. When I started my apprenticeship, I bought a Ford Focus ST MK2, but I knew that I would buy the RS in 2 years.

I put every euro in the money box to buy my dream car in cash.

At 19 it was time and I could finally buy the RS.

Now I want to tell you why I got into the car scene.

My grandpa was a successful rally driver, which was also the reason why I am so interested in cars. He always drove fast cars and when I was 18 I was even allowed to drive his Porsche 911 Turbo with about 780 HP for the first time. I was also allowed to use his SQ5 regularly. I owe him a lot, unfortunately, he died some time ago due to cancer.

But thanks to him, I could always take part in many rallies and mountain races. That's how I got into the car scene.

The special thing about my car is that it was only built 11,500 times (500 of which are the RS500) and that it is equipped with one of the best engines. The shape and colour of the car are also special.

Always watch out for upgrades or changes to the car, if you can't do it yourself, inquire about the company first. I drove over 600 kilometres for my conversions because I knew this company specialized in the car. I didn't want to trust anyone else because you can break a lot.

If someone is considering buying this car, everyone can contact me and I can really recommend the car. On the one hand, because the price-performance ratio is just right and the car does not lose value, on the contrary, the value tends to rise.

My car currently has almost 400 horsepower, but I plan to break the 500-hp mark. Up to 500 HP, it is not a concern, because you can really get a lot out of the engine. But first I have to build my house.

In addition to the increase in performance, I installed a Mongoose system with 200 cells of catalyst. In addition, there is a launch control, fuel cut-off, sports air filter, and installation of various silicone hoses which are stronger than the old ones and so I can achieve more performance.

Of course, I also converted my first car (the Ford Focus ST), it got a performance upgrade, different rims, a different chassis, a front spoiler lip, a rear spoiler and so on.

In my area, when car meetings are taking place, I'm always there, of course, I'm also present at the big Ford meeting at the Nürburgring and the meeting at the Salzburgring.

Most of the meetings are open to brands and you meet many like-minded people and you can talk about the best topics for a long time.

And in the end, I would like to thank you for reading my story and also apologize for my not perfect English. I hope you could understand me anyway.

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