Rodger and Tara - The His and Hers STI's

We are Rodger and Tara, married and currently living in the greater Seattle area, in Washington State. We are originally from Southern California and are heavily influenced by the SoCal car culture.  

Rodger and Tara - The His and Hers STI's
Rodger and Tara - The His and Hers STI's
Rodger and Tara - The His and Hers STI's
Rodger and Tara - The His and Hers STI's
Rodger and Tara - The His and Hers STI's
Rodger and Tara - The His and Hers STI's
Rodger and Tara - The His and Hers STI's
Rodger and Tara - The His and Hers STI's
Rodger and Tara - The His and Hers STI's

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Hi! Thanks for reaching out and for the opportunity to share our story. 


16580 SW 72nd Ave

Portland, OR 97224

We are Rodger and Tara, married and currently living in the greater Seattle area, in Washington State. We are originally from Southern California and are heavily influenced by the SoCal car culture. Rodger works in law enforcement and Tara works for a technology company.

Instagram: @His_And_Her_STI


Rodger's first car was a 1993 Honda Civic Coupe. He lowered the car and added the basic bolt-ons. 

Tara's first car was a 1985 Honda Civic hatchback not modified. It was a commuter car for college. 

Rodger has the Subaru STI 2017 Lapis Blue, and Tara has the Subaru STI Limited 2015 Dark Grey Metallic colour. We also own a 2005 Honda S2000 in Silverstone colour, and a 2019 Subaru Crosstrek as our daily driver. Rodger grew up watching rally racing in the late 1980s and was amazed at the Subaru cars. It's AWD capability and being able to handle well in all weather conditions made the car brand appealing and he vowed to own a Subaru one day. 

Tara grew up in the car scene with her parents and her father made learning to drive a manual a requirement before getting her driver's license. She wanted a safe, AWD, manual, but the fun car to drive.

Rodger got into the car scene in the late 1980s. Rodger's friend's brother had a 1985 RX7 and this is how he quickly got exposed to Japanese car culture. Then got interested in the street racing car scene in the early 1990s in Southern California cities like Sylmar, Ontario, and Nogales.

Tara grew up with parents being in a van club. She remembers seeing all the modified and lifted vans heading out to the Southern California beaches during the long weekend camping trips. Tara heard stories of her mom drag racing in a 1970 440 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda in her teenage years and Tara knew one day she would like to modify and track her own car one day. 

Rodger loved seeing his grandfather's white 1978 Toyota Celica GT Rally Limited model coupe. He also loved seeing his dad's 1988 Toyota Celica ST, and a1989 Toyota Corolla GTS twin cam. 

Tara's mom used to own a 1985 IROC Red Camaro with a T-Top. She fell in love with the idea of women owning sports cars. Her grandmother owned a1978 Impala 4-door, which has now been passed along to her cousin. Tara's dad owned a 1985 Mercedes 1987 DSL Turbo Mercedes, and 1977 Dodge lifted van. He currently owns a lifted 2019 Subaru Forester Sports and a 2015 Subaru BRZ. 

We have His and Her cars and both cars are built identically, with the exception of a few differences. They are also built with quality parts that are being driven on a race track for fun. 

Challenge: because we have His and Her car, buying two car parts at a time can be financially challenging but fun. We also have to prioritize and compromise on purchasing decisions because we are doing our builds together and identical.

Challenge: when buying quality JDM car parts, the wait time can be months. For example, Tara's wheels, we waited 9 months for delivery, but it's worth the wait buying quality parts. 

A good tip: buy quality car parts so that you don't have to buy twice. 

A good tip: when getting your car tuned, go to a reputable tuner and do your research. We are very happy with our tuner. 

The cars are an Import from Japan.

Cars are a very personal decision. Before recommending a car, we would like to understand what a person wants to do with the car. Subaru STI's specifically require more care and maintenance, which can be expensive. But if someone wants to buy an affordable, AWD, safe, sports car, appreciates Subaru's racing history, is willing to put time into maintaining the car, and put protective measures in place when modifying performance, then yes, go for it!

Both cars are tuned conservatively. Tara's car made 364whp with 349wtq and Rodger's car made 365whp and 343wtq on a Mustang dyno.

The cars mostly have the same mods, with a few differences:

Exterior Mods:


  • LED C-Lights
  • Morimoto Projectors 
  • Etching: HER STI Honeycomb 
  • JDM Third Brake Light
  • JDM Front Fog Bezels
  • SubiSpeed LE Carbon Fibre USDM Tail Lights (Her)
  • SubiSpeed USDM TR Style Tail Lights (His)


  • VIS Racing Carbon Fibre Hood VS2 Style
  • Voltex Type 5 GT-Wing (Wet Carbon)
  • APR Performance Front Lip
  • APR Performance Side Skirt
  • APR Performance STI Rear Spat
  • OEM STI Rear Diffuser
  • OEM Vortex Generator
  • OEM Rain Guard
  • OEM STI Carbon Fibre Trunk Trim
  • OEM JDM Grille
  • APR Carbon Fibre License Plate
  • OLM Carbon Fibre Mirror Caps
  • OLM Paint Match Bottom Mirror Caps
  • JDM Carbon fibre door handle protectors


  • COBB SF Intake System
  • Perrin Inlet Hose
  • COBB Tuning Feed 1050x injectors
  • COBB Tuning Fuel Pressure Conversion Kit
  • AEM high flow Fuel Pump
  • Tial external wastegate, Grimm Speed U-pipe
  • COBB Tuning TD05H-20G Turbo
  • COBB Tuning electronic boost control solenoid
  • Short throw shifter
  • COBB front mount intercooler
  • COBB Downpipe
  • GReddy Exhaust SP
  • Koyo Radiator 
  • 4-cylinder cooling mod
  • 1-piece DBA front rotors (Her)
  • 2-piece DBA front rotors (His)
  • Hawks HP+ Brake Pads


  • Fortune Auto 500, 8kg spring rate (Her)
  • Fortune Auto 500, 9kg spring rate (His)
  • Cusco Front Upper Strut Bar
  • Corner Balance
  • Whiteline rear bracing/end links/swaybars


  • Cobb AP – Stage 3 Protune by Surgeline

Wheels / Tires / Lugs

  • 5 Volk Racing ZE40 Face 3, 45 offsets, Red (Her)
  • 5 Volk Racing ZE40 Face 3, 45 offsets, Gold (His)
  • Falken Azenis tires 265x35
  • 2-piece Project Kics Lug Nuts


  • Process West Belt Cover
  • Process West Solenoid Cover
  • Torque Solution Battery Tie Down
  • NRG 49" Harness Bar
  • Password JDM bumper bolts
  • COBB windshield wiper fluid tank
  • COBB radiator fluid tank
  • Yellow Top Battery (Her)

Majority of the car parts were installed with the help of our close friends: Cory (@adversary_sti), Mitchell (@sometimes_luckyy), and Chad (@oni_wrx). For our tuning needs, we go to Surgeline Tuning located in Oregon State. 

Our cars are pro tuned by Surgeline and they have a great reputation in the Pacific Northwest area for tuning Subarus. They have years of experience and are working in collaboration with Cobb Tuning. The employees at Surgeline are very honest and work with your car needs. Not only do they build and tune cars, but they also build racecars for their customers. 

Not sure we will ever be finished modifying our cars JWe have plans to install HKS equal length headers, KillerB oil pans, Bride Racing seats and Takata harness. These latest plans will help support our tracking needs.

We have formerly been in car clubs and have found them to have too much drama. So, we have a car crew with a small core group of trusted friends. We enter car shows, autocross, and road course events for fun so we can hang out with our friends and meet new car fanatics. Prior to COVID-19, we have attended the Big Northwest, Clean Culture, and Stance car shows. Most car meets are pretty chill. We have enjoyed attending Cars and Coffee meetups because there is a variety of cars that attend. 

Rodger's dream car is a 1980's 911 Targa/Carrera Turbo and Tara's dream car is Audi R8 V10.

Our car philosophy:

  • Do it right, don't do it cheaply. 
  • Build the cars for you, and not for anyone else. 
  • Don't put yourself in debt in building your car.
  • And make sure you are having fun along the way.

Thanks again for reading about us. Feel free to follow our IG account @His_And_Her_STI to follow our car building and racing journey. 

Rodger and Tara (RT)

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