Kristine Ayers - 2014 Bagged Scion TC

When I asked her what her dream vehicle would be she said “Easy, my dream car would be a Nissan R34 GT-R Skyline and a Lexus IS300.”

Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC
Kristine Ayers  - 2014 Bagged Scion TC

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Kristine Ayers

2014 Scion TC

Instagram: @sreyaayers

Photographer: Donnie Roc
FB:r0cean11 Photography

Kristine is not your typical California girl you hear about on social media. She’s a hard-working businesswoman during the week but when the weekend rolls around she’s a dedicated automotive enthusiast set on taking her to build to the next level. She is currently self-employed; she is an owner of a small bar that specializes in whiskey located in Sacramento, California. She also manages an event space in a building owned by her family for close to 20 years. The primary focus of her career is in event planning, catering, and meeting her client's needs for their special events. On weekends she commits all of her time to car show competitions as well as spending time with her car family.

She began working on cars around the age of 14. Her first car was an old Ford pickup. Her mother used to let her best friend Christopher drive the truck before Kristine had her license. The deal was to maintain and fix all repairs as well as making sure Kristine made it to school on time and back home afterwards. The truck was theirs to work on. Christopher taught her so much about cars and she holds that very close to her heart.

Kristine was later in a car accident with Christopher. The hunt for a new car was on. This Scion just seemed to happen. They took it for a test drive and it was love at first shift. She ended up purchasing her now Scion TC. Immediately the two of them began modifying it. The vision to build had begun and we all know it takes time, vision, and determination to make any build happen. Sadly her friend Christopher passed away in a car accident later that same year. She remains grateful for every second she spent with him and thinks he would be stoked to know how far she has taken this build. The memory of Christopher has fielded the build and pushes her to keep modifying it.

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She is still in shock each time she looks at her tC with how far it has come. She has so many hopes and dreams that she wishes to accomplish with this car. She says she gets full body goosebumps just looking at the build and how she visualizes it once it’s complete. There is so much sentimental value in this car and it has become such a big passion of hers.

Finding parts for this car is extremely difficult especially if you are trying to build something unique. She tends to get a lot of parts custom made which requires research and patience, but if she does buy parts finding a reputable company is a must. She doesn’t like to be compared to others when it comes to how the TC is built. She takes her time and finds those parts that will make her stand out no matter the price tag.

So what makes Kristine’s build unique to any other TC? She says it is the amount of passion and her personality she has dumped into it. “How many times has anyone wanted to give up on their build and just let it burst up in flames?” she asks. She steps back from it to calm down just to breathe and figure out how she can fix the issue. She claims to have the absolute worst luck and that worst-case scenario tends to happen frequently. From curbed wheels, leaking airlines, battery draw, etc. She realizes one must take their build one day at a time. This car is a part of her life. For her, it’s a daily “How can I improve myself and my build.”

She still has big plans for the car. Her desire is to redesign the trunk display to have more hardlines, more entertainment, and upgrade the audio system. She would also like to get a full exhaust kit, reupholster the back seat and/or do a back seat delete. She is stoked to order the R1 Concepts Big Brake Kit. To top it off, she is starting to work on her engine bay to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Kristine says car friends make the best friends. Not only do they become your core group of friends having the same passion for cars but they become family. She joined a car club a few years after buying the TC. Team NvUS seemed to be the perfect fit for a car club. She joined the Team at the beginning of 2017. She has gone from being a prospect member to a regular bannered member, to a Prestige Member, and finally to an Elite Member; which is the highest honour to hold. Team NvUS has inspired her so much. Since joining, her car has made it to a whole new level that she never thought possible. Her team is important to her because it is truly a second family. The vibe they put out gives her such a sense of belonging.

She has worked hard and has come a long way in the car scene and it has brought her so much happiness. She now has finally decided to take the leap and launch her own brand featuring automotive apparel and accessories. It has been a long 6 months but she is very excited about the launch!

When I asked her what her dream vehicle would be she said “Easy, my dream car would be a Nissan R34 GT-R Skyline and a Lexus IS300.”

“Together Forever, Never Apart, Maybe In Distance But Never In Heart” ~ Maggi Myers

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  • Full Hardline Setup with ⅜ lines. 
  • Speciality Suspension 
  • AirLift 3P Management 4 Gallon Seamless Tank Powder With a Liquid Fluid Pressure Gauge.
  • AirRex Struts
  • Two Viair 444 Compressors with Two Chrome AVS Water Traps.
  • Megan Racing Rear Upper Adjustable Camber Arms
  • DC Sports CS-1 Carbon Steel Front Strut Bar


  • Secret Weapon R Headers
  • Secret Weapon R Short Ram Intake
  • HPS Black Silicone Radiator Hose Kit
  • Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
  • Sickspeed Chrome Engine Bay Dress Up
  • TRD Polished Radiator Cap
  • JDM Aluminum Battery Tie Down


  • InfiniteWerks 18” LC Reverse Convex
  • Finish: Brushed Center Finish and Center Caps.     
  • Chrome Lips and Chrome Hardware


  • Seibon Carbon Fiber Vented Hood TS Style (1st Prototype)
  • Seibon Carbon Fiber Vented Fenders
  • Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk
  • Seibon Carbon Fiber Side Skirts TS Style
  • 3M 1080 Series Key West Vinyl Wrap
  • Nia Auto Design Body Kit Including ABS Plastic Front Splitter, Rear Apron Diffusers and Eyelids
  • SoCal Garage Works Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel with Black Leather and White Stitching, along with a White Top Center Line
  • Carbon Fiber RS Style Spoiler
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Roof spoiler
  • Mugen Carbon Fiber Door Handle Protectors
  • Carbon Fiber Exterior Door Pillars
  • Carbon Fiber Door Jam Guards
  • Black Shorty Antenna
  • Colorshift Headlight Halos 
  • Carbon Fiber and Chrome Emblem
  • Sickspeed Black Super Loud Horns
  • Weathertech Window Visors
  • Halo Fog Lights
  • Rear Bumper Protector
  • Black Mesh Grille


  • Status Racing Premium Spa Grand Prix Reclining Seats with Carbon Fiber Backs (Ultra-Suede with Small White Diamond Stitching) Planted Brackets
  • Status Racing Carbon Fiber Shift Knob.
  • Status Racing Camlock Black Harnesses
  • Black Cherry Blossom Shift Boot for Shifter and E-Brake
  • NRG Black Emergency Brake Replacement Handle
  • Full Fiberglass Box Including Two 12” Alpine Type S Subwoofers 
  • 1000 Watt JL Amp with Kill Switch
  • Dynamat Deadening Throughout Interior Paneling
  • Acrylic Led Subwoofer Rings
  • Custom Wood Floor Trunk
  • Custom Interior Lighting 
  • Black Diamond Stitched Leather Floor Mats
  • Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim
  • Carbon Fiber Trim Around Radio
  • Carbon Fiber Interior Door Guards

Kristine has completed a fair amount of the modifications on her own but has also had a tremendous amount of help from her sponsors.

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