Shannon - Toyota GT86

I bought my pearl white Toyota GT86 in June 2019.  Performance wise the car is still pretty standard running 200bhp, doing 0-60 in about 6.7 seconds.

Shannon - Toyota GT86
Shannon - Toyota GT86
Shannon - Toyota GT86
Shannon - Toyota GT86
Shannon - Toyota GT86
Shannon - Toyota GT86

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My name Is Shannon - insta spx_gt 

Toyota GT86 

I’m 27 and live in Glasgow! I currently work as a performance analyst which helps fund my unhealthy habit of spending money on my car. I have always been in and around the car scene from a young age. My dad has been modifying cars since before I was born; I guess you could say it’s in my blood! We are now both massively involved in the scene with him running his own Porsche UK owners club and I am a part of the admin team for TrueAddictionUK. We spend most of our summers up and down the county at the big shows with both cars on stand.  

My car journey started with a 1L cherry red saxo! After that I had a Corsa E which was the first car I really started modifying, it had some custom painted midnight purple team dynamic wheels and lowered on Eibach springs. Fast Forward to 2019 and I fancied something with a bit more presence and power. My Dream car is an EVO 9 however that was not a possible option at the time but I knew I wanted something a bit different and it had to be Jap. My Best friend had a black GT86 and after driving that I just fell in love.

I bought my pearl white Toyota GT86 in June 2019.  Performance wise the car is still pretty standard running 200bhp, doing 0-60 in about 6.7 seconds. I have been really focused on transforming the outer aesthetics of the car before considering performance mods.

I am currently running:

  • A custom cobra exhaust
  • upgraded panel filter from Japan
  • Tein coilovers
  • 18” BBS rep dished wheels which have been painted dark grey in the centres
  • Maxton Design front splitter
  • Sequential Valenti tail lights
  • Status Error sunstrip
  • Louvers added to smaller back windows
  • roof & wing mirrors have been wrapped gloss black
  • Likewise gearstick
  • Neon lights fitted inside the car.
  •  Sub and upgraded head unit

My best mate and I have managed to carry out some of the basic work to the car; however I called in the guys at Shore Wraps (based in Hillington) to wrap the roof, Wing mirrors along with Automek (based in East Kilbride) fitting my exhaust. Both companies are highly recommended by the car scene in Scotland, the work they do is brilliant. I definitely recommend them both to anyone looking for work to be done on their car.

The overall look for the outside of the car is nearly done (well is it ever finished really..?) I have a dove tail wing which is waiting to be wrapped gloss black and to have the OEM spoiler removed to for the wing to be fitted. The Front bumper will also be smoothed out and repainted to complete the final look of the car. 

The car is well looked after, during the winter periods when I refused to go out and clean the car due to the Scottish weather I have maintenance washes complete by Autocleansing in Glasgow; these guys are the only ones I would trust with cleaning my car! When the weather is better I am out keeping on top of protecting the paint work and ensuring the car is spotless. I use the Mirror Image Car care products which I have been using for just over a year now and the service and quality of the products are second to none! I don’t use anything else on my car now, and the compliments I get from people about my paint work are always incredible. I highly recommend everyone checks them out!

As previously mentioned I spend all summer attending all the big car shows with my club @TrueAddictionuk, from modified national to Japfest & Trax we pretty much cover them all! I honestly dread to count the miles I do over the summer just attending shows! The majority of them being based down south always means a long trip! I attended modified nationals 2019 and my best friend & I left at 1am to get there for gates opening! But show weekends are always worth it! I also try to attend as many little local meets as possible throughout the year too!  

As admin for TrueAddictionUK , we are a group for anyone with a passion for their car and always love meeting new members who are looking for a fresh group with the same interests as them so check us out on Facebook & Instagram! For your entire car cleaning needs my go to guys are Mirror Image car care – i'll leave you to browse my photos to see the results I get!