Welcome to FlashCars_UK

A very friendly well organised group with friendly helpful admins, lots of active good members, we get a lot of our cars from this group they have some fantastic ones in there go and join these.

Welcome to FlashCars_UK

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Welcome to FlashCars_UK!

Instagram page @flashcars_uk

We are a southern-based UK car group, however, we have members from all over the UK and even some from outside of the UK as well!

We only started off as a club in October 2019 and already have 1.8k members on Facebook. We also have an Instagram which I've had since December 2018 which started off as a photography account and slowly turned into what it is now with 5.3k followers! We accept anything and everything into the group and love to see a variety of cars at our meets and the shows we attend on our club stands. We want to be that gap in the car community where people are missing what the 'car scene' is all about. Respecting each other builds no matter what you drive.

As a club, we try to attend as many shows as we can with club stands at each one and will soon be hosting meets regularly for everyone to attend!

Meet the team:

Owner - Harry D'Cruze

Co-owner - Connor Lambkin

Admins - Flo, Rebecca and 3 other members are admins. Finn is a moderator.

If you would like to be added to our club section you must be a member of the Facebook group or you must follow our Instagram account.

Finally, we do have some rules that we like people to stick to and those are;

Be kind and courteous towards ALL members

Have respect for everyone's builds and if you have an opinion that you think will put them down or upset them keep it to yourself!

No racism at all is tolerated.

Thank you

We are now part of the United Car Group a community of car groups who have come together through Stance Auto Magazine to help make the car community a better place for the whole community, Organising more Events, Shows, and Competitions, across the whole community.

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