Welcome to Southern Modified UK

A very good well organised Facebook car group, with a friendly atmosphere, great content and people, the Admin team are very helpful and approachable, this is a must join for all car fans

Welcome to Southern Modified UK
Welcome to Southern Modified UK
Welcome to Southern Modified UK
Welcome to Southern Modified UK
Welcome to Southern Modified UK
Welcome to Southern Modified UK
Welcome to Southern Modified UK
Welcome to Southern Modified UK
Welcome to Southern Modified UK

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Hi! We are Southern Modified UK and were based in and around Southampton. We were founded back in 2016 by our Kerry Gatehouse with the aim to form a car club which brings everyone together. To give everyone a place where like minded car enthusiasts can come together, no matter what they drive.

Our goals as a club are simple. No drama, and to simply have a relaxed place for people to show off there pride and joys in a safe and respected enviroment. 

We hold our main meets at the end of every month in our Southampton location. During the summer months, we also host breakfast meets at the weekend to give everyone a chance to come along. In the past, we have held big charity meets to raise money for good causes such as Macmillan Cancer Support and Naomi House. Were hoping to plan another one very soon, so we will keep you posted on our Facebook group. We aim to include everyone, so we strive to make our meets social and engaging to all who attend. 

We also attend TRAX and Fast Show as a club every year, but were hoping to expand.
We are active on our Facebook and instagram page, where you can join our monthly competitions, introduce yourself and check out our sponsers for discount on detailing products, wheel refurbishments and wraps.
Join our Facebook group "Southern Modified UK" and follow us on instagram @southernmodifieduk

Now, here is an introduction to our founder and admins.

Founder, Kerry Gatehouse.
I brought my Toyota gt86 aka Kopparberg, 4 years ago after selling my Evo 8.
Brought standard and mostly has had cosmetic modifications ie; Nur spoiler, graphics, front lip, rear carbon light covers, rear window louver’s, under car lights and other little touches.
Few more bits to go on in the future, still a project in the making.

Admin, Elliot Haywood.
I currently own a Nissan 370z Nismo Tech. This is a standout car on its own without any modifications, but the mods are slowly coming together. Carbon fibre and some stand out mods coming soon so follow me on instagram @that_nismo.z
Before this, i had a Suzuki Swift Sport which was a brilliant car and got me involved in the car scene. Im always going out to meets and shows so come and say hi if you come along to our meets. I love to take pride in my car keeping her detailed and looking the part.

Admin, Sharna Robertson
Admin with Southern Modified UK and TTMK1OC, aswell as the Mk1 TT Forum & Community Sales Admin. Many asphetic modifications to my
Mk1 Audi TT 1.8 Turbo.
Upgraded V6 bumper & spoiler.
Ramair Filter, Polished fuel cap, bonnet struts, Manifold & Lower cover by Leepy Customs, Polished windscreen & engine caps & dipstick from Whanab aswell as a Miltek exhaust set up. Loads more modifications but these are just a few.
My preferred detailing products supplied by The Clay Cloth Company including their own brands, also Tenzi & KillerWaxx.

Admin, Matt Wilson.
Little bit on me. My names Matt and im a bit of a funny fucker. The car is a 1993 bmw e36 saloon that was pull out of a farmer’s field and done up with scrap/unwanted parts and is getting a straight 6 put in so watch this spot!

Admin, Tony Ecles
I love being a part of the car enthusiast community aswell as a love for a nice v6 engine. And very weak when it comes to black cars. I have a Hyundai Coupè with the 2.7 V6. Plenty of subtle and not so subtle mods, but all worth it.
Tony is a key part to our admin team and is always engaging when we attend meets.

Admin, George Melville
So! I had a turbo IS200 and sold it for a van... I have got a Nissan Elgrand that is currently stripped and ready to be built up to a very luxary Japanese style. It's just the begining but have a large corner of things to do, so is definitely a work in progress. Just keep getting distracted detailing the big girl.