Welcome to Ford Clud GB

A fantastic club with that family feeling about it, lots of activity and big plans for the future, Admin and staff are very helpful and have a good attitude towards the car scene and their groups community, lots of very pleasent members with lots of active topics if you have a Ford you will find your new home here.

Welcome to Ford Clud GB
Welcome to Ford Clud GB
Welcome to Ford Clud GB
Welcome to Ford Clud GB
Welcome to Ford Clud GB
Welcome to Ford Clud GB

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Ford Club GB

Ford Club GB was founded 1st June 2017 by Rj Chalkie and the club was created because Rj felt there was a gap in the Ford scene. When the club was created it was never imagined that by 2020 the club would have over 16,000 members with a team of 8 by his side. The current club staff are Annlouise (Senior admin), John (Senior moderator), Bob (moderator, Media and website manager), Liam M (moderator, media and head of marketing), Liam A (moderator and media), Sarah (moderator), Nathan (moderator), Mel (moderator) and Kris (moderator). We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all past staff who have helped the club get this far.

In 2019 the club was very proud to win the best club stand at Pure Ford (Castle Combe). The club attends many shows between April and September but unfortunately due to events this year we have only attended Forge Action Day (Castle Combe) and Ford Power Live (Brands Hatch). We are planning on attending 13 events next year where we shall be bringing back the club show and shine trophies, spirit award and star award.

Over the years the club has developed and in April 2019 we launched our membership program. The program costs £10.00 for a year and £15.00 for 2 years. Members who take out membership have access to thousands of pounds worth of discounts.

The club would like to say a huge thank you to all our sponsors and service providers. The club currently has numerous service providers and 13 sponsors. The main sponsors are Supreme Engraving, Chris Knott Insurance, Collins Performance, Nextbase, Power Maxed, Bluespark, Track Car Door Cards, Mirror Image Car Care, 247 Competitions, SK Graphics, Select Tints, Ghost Vehicle Protection and Adrian Flux.

The club's future plans and goals is to grow bigger, stronger, give members a great place to feel safe and meet fellow like minded people.

Here are some reviews from the club members.

Yvonne- “Ford Club Gb is an amazing club, all the staff are very friendly and very welcoming, they put me at ease when I attended my first car show with them as I was worried, they have some great sponsors and give out some amazing prizes at all the shows.”

Sabrina-“I am so happy to be a member of FCGB, everyone on here is like a family, the staff are amazing at their job roles for the club and we all like to help one another with any advice, this is why FCGB is the best place to be. ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY.

Karl- “A great friendly club, with great staff and members that are very knowledgeable and passionate about Fords.”

Nichola-“I love this club, everyone is so friendly and helpful, very glad I found this great page. I love looking at everyone’s cars! Great club!

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Internet: www.fordclubgb.co.uk

Instagram: @fordclubgb

Pinterest: fordclub

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHbsqYQrxUvOVwjIlR24vNQ

Facebook Group: FordClubGB

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