Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline

The result of all the engine work that's been carried out is 726bhp on low boost and over 900bhp on high boost

Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline
Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline
Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline
Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline
Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline
Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline
Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline
Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline
Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline
Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline
Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline
Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline
Andrew Williams - R34 super widebody Skyline

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Hiya my name is Andrew Williams,

Instagram @the_venom_r34 

R34 super widebody Skyline

I'm 42 years old and I live in Port Talbot, South Wales. I'm unable to work due to ill health. 

At 17 I got my licence and my first car was 1.8 injection mk2 cavalier, at this time I worked in a local sports centre and I met a guy by the name of John Powell who drove an absolutely beautiful mk4 escort van with a full rs body kit and an rs turbo engine, we became good friends and before I knew it I was looking at my first set of alloy wheels. So it was the influence of John and his van that gave me the bug that would cost me thousands over the years. 

I also grew up in an environment where my parents loved their cars, they mainly had little MG sports cars and one car that really sticks in my memory is my father's bright orange cortina 2200e which my father put a bubble kit on, chrome wheels and radial tyres and even today in their late 70's they are still into cars. 

Currently, I own an R34 super widebody Skyline that's known as Venom. I imported the car via a company called @japwestmods 5 years ago and when it arrived in the country it was all black and now it's a millennium jade. The car started off as a black completely stock R34 GTT auto and a company called Final Konnexion bought the vehicle to build it as a demo car for their company and made its debut at Tokyo Auto Salon. They completely changed the look of the car, they replaced the rear quarters and wings with custom carbon fibre overfenders, they created a Frankenstein bumper by blending an east bear and s-tune bumper together to compensate for the width on the body kit that was fitted, slammed it with Tien coil overs and custom made 20inch AME shallen wheels which were originally 9.5j front and 10.5j rear but ended up being 10.5jfront and 11.5j rear. The final touch was wrapping the car gloss white. 

Joy's importing a car, the car didn't come with much paperwork and what I did have was all in Japanese. I've done a lot of research on the car to find out who did what and when however I was unable to find out who completed the engine conversion. I'm assuming that the build had something to do with Brain Crower as every part of the engine internals are BC. 

The result of all the engine work that's been carried out is 726bhp on low boost and over 900bhp on high boost When the car arrived in the UK, I purchased a set of red type R seats, painted the car millennium jade, changed the wheels and fitted a top-secret spoiler. Here is Venoms current

spec list:


  • Brian Crower 2.85 stroker kit
  • Brian Crower 87.5 Forge Pistons
  • Brian Crower 4.782” 625+ connecting rods
  • Brian Crower forged 79mm Crankshaft
  • Brian Crower Stage 4 Camshafts
  • Brian Crower valve springs
  • Brian Crower Titanium retainers
  • Brian Crower head gasket
  • Legal Super R Ported and Polished Head
  • Greddy T88r-33D turbo
  • Greddy external wastegate
  • Screamer pipe
  • 4" Custom downpipe
  • Fujitsubo Exhaust System
  • Twin z32 maf
  • Twin RamAir induction kits
  • Apexi Stainless Turbo intake
  • NKGR Plugs
  • OEM coil packs
  • Mobile 3000 10/40 semi-synthetic race oil
  • HKS high flow oil filter
  • Stainless Sump Guard 
  • 1200cc injectors
  • 7th injector regulator
  • 5bar FPR
  • Walbro Fuel pump
  • Nismo 35L fuel tank
  • HPI inlet
  • 3.5" Steel hard pipes
  • 5.5" Blitz Front Mount Intercooler
  • Greddy Oil Cooler
  • Evolve ally rad
  • Twin cooling fans
  • Apexi FC Ecu
  • Greddy boost controller 

Running Gear

  • Custom 1 off built 5speed manual 
  • R34 GTT Bell housing 
  • Custom top-secret final drive
  • Nismo short shifter
  • 6Puk Nismo clutch
  • Nismo 2 way LSD
  • Brembo 330 4pot front callipers
  • Brembo 300 2pot rear callipers
  • EBC Disks and pads all round


  • Tein  Coilovers
  • Cusco chassis brace
  • Trust upper strut brace
  • Trust rear strut brace
  • Ally lower arms
  • Custom adjustable steering arms
  • 40mm front and rear anti-roll bars
  • Full polyurethane Bush conversion 


  • Front 18x10.5   245/40/18
  • Rear  18x12.5   295/30/18


  • OEM Millennium Jade
  • 1 off Carbon Superwide body built by apache racing for final konnexion.
  • 1 off carbon side skirts
  • 1 off carbon triple winglets
  • Carbon boot lip spoiler
  • Z tune Carbon bonnet
  • Carbon  gander wing mirrors
  • Full carbon Top Secret Spoiler
  • Bonnet lip extension 
  • East bear bumper modified to fit 
  • Limo tint rear glass 
  • Smoked xenon headlights
  • Smoked indicators
  • LED Nismo rear lights
  • F1 style repeaters


  • Full Cusco Roll cage
  • RECARO Red Reclining seats
  • Sparco Subframes
  • 5pc tailored mat set
  • Sparco harness pads
  • Nismo gear knob
  • Centre console custom painted Nismo red / Metallic
  • GTR pedals 
  • KODE steering wheel
  • D1 snap off boss
  • 6x defi gauges
  • Boost
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil temperature
  • Fuel pressure
  • Water temperature
  • Exhaust temperature 
  • All recordable with playback
  • Sony Double din head unit
  • Cd / Mp3 / Bluetooth / DR
  • 2 x 10” in phase Subwoofer 
  • 1800w 4channel amplifier
  • Private plate R28 VNM
  • (Rb28 venom)

Besides the fact it's an R34 skyline which you don't see many of, all my modifications are custom and are a 'one off'. One thing I know for sure, my car can never be replicated. I'm in the process of further modifying the rear suspension but I'm basically where I want to be with this car, when I met my wife 10 years ago I said my dream would be to own an R34 and my dream came true in 2015. 

Any detailing work I need completing that I can't do myself, Joseph Roberts at JR Detailed, Treorchy, hooks me up. My paintwork is done by Matthew at Paint by Sanders, Neath, South Wales and so far all mechanical work that's been needed has only been service and maintenance so that has been completed by friends and family. Also, a buddy of mine who helped me get venom into the country, getting it's through its first mot and looking after the car whilst it was registered for UK ROADS, Matt Kayo Kervin, he's helped me so much over the years and I will forever be grateful for everything he has done and no doubt will do in the future. 

With regards to the car scene, especially the scene local to me I'm not that happy to be involved with but I really do enjoy attending the major and local shows, for example, the motor madness show in Aberystwyth and Area 51 Car Club Wales which both held monthly meets that I used to look forward to but covid has put a stop to those clubs doing meets, Cruise Culture, Castle Combe, Santa Pod and Silverstone are all places I enjoy attending. I'm more about driving than showing off. I would rather be taking my monster for a spin than park up in a local car park. 

I help run @Area51CarClub alongside my wife. It's a club where I can really be myself, be around people of similar age to myself and most importantly be around like-minded people. I previously attended shows with Superior Rides, they are a great bunch and are so welcoming. I highly recommend them both.

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