The Initail D: Subaru BRZ

Embark on Tiny July's automotive odyssey with the Initial D Subaru BRZ. From transformative tales to a signed legacy, discover the art of automotive marvels.

The Initail D: Subaru BRZ
The Initail D: Subaru BRZ
The Initail D: Subaru BRZ
The Initail D: Subaru BRZ
The Initail D: Subaru BRZ
The Initail D: Subaru BRZ

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July DeLuna

Initial D Subaru BRZ

Instagram: @tinyjuly

Written By: Koriey Dixon (Carmic.Con)

Photos By: @gankoten and  @dkidmedia1 

Tiny July: Drifting Through Life with Initial D's Enduring Legacy

In the vibrant heart of San Antonio, Texas, resides a unique soul – July DeLuna, better known as Tiny July in the enthralling world of cars and comics. Owning the sensational Initial D Subaru BRZ, July has carved her niche as a pivotal figure in the car scene, seamlessly blending anime fantasies with the reality of her customized ride.

Transformative Tales of Initial D Obsession

"I always aspired to be part of the car scene," she explains, reminiscing about her entry into this passion-fueled universe. Ironically, it coincided with a pivotal moment in her personal life. "The week I got my car wrapped, I exited an unhealthy relationship. I needed to get back on my feet, and this was the push I needed."

July's journey into the automotive world wasn't just about wheels and speed; it was a transformative experience, cultivating friendships and crafting new families along the way. Her beloved dog, Deku, adds an extra touch of companionship to these thrilling adventures.

Crafting Legacy: The Initial D Subaru BRZ

The Initial D Subaru BRZ wasn't an impulsive choice; it was a destiny waiting to be unveiled. Originally intending to keep the Subaru BRZ stock with minor tweaks, July stumbled upon the anime series "Initial D," sparking an obsession that culminated in transforming her ride into a tribute to the iconic Trueno AE86.

"When I drive it, I feel like Takumi doing his 4 a.m. tofu deliveries," she describes the ethereal sensation of being one with her cherished vehicle.

A Unique Legacy: Signed by Initial D Cast

What sets Tiny July's car apart isn't just its stunning aesthetics or roaring engine; it's the embodiment of a unique legacy. Signed by the English dub cast of Initial D, it stands as a singular piece, drawing admiration from fans who find solace in its modern interpretation of the classic Trueno AE86.

Metamorphosis in Motion: July's Dedication

The car's metamorphosis didn't come without effort. From the anime-inspired wrap done by Deviation Decal Shop to other intricate modifications meticulously executed by July herself, every detail reflects her unwavering dedication to this passion project.

Future Dreams: From BRZ to Wangan Midnight

As she looks to the future, July harbors aspirations of delving into a new project, turning a Nissan Z into the Wangan Midnight car. Yet, her dream car, the Subaru BRZ, remains a constant reminder of her perseverance and unwavering dedication to her aspirations.

July's Advice: Overcoming Obstacles in Style

Beyond the gleam of the metal and the roar of the engine, July's advice resonates deeply: "If you have a plan, do it. Obstacles will come, but they're trying to stop you. Don't give up; keep pushing."

Beyond Metal and Engine: July's Community Spirit

Her journey in the car scene isn't solely about vehicles; it's about building a community, finding a sense of belonging, and, most importantly, discovering happiness and family. For Tiny July, the road ahead is as exhilarating as the drifts she makes—filled with dreams, aspirations, and an unyielding love for the art of automotive marvels.

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