Importing JDM Cars to the USA: An Overview

Learn if importing a JDM car to the USA fits your budget and skills. Covering regulations, costs, sourcing tips, and ownership insights around importing classic to modern Japanese cars.

Importing JDM Cars to the USA: An Overview
Mk4 Toyota Supra

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For auto enthusiasts, Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) cars hold a special allure. Known for performance, customization options, and unique styles not available elsewhere, JDM cars command great interest in the import scene. However, importing a car from Japan to the USA involves clearing regulatory hurdles. With knowledge of import regulations and a reliable broker, the process can go smoothly. This article provides an overview of legally bringing JDM cars into the USA.

JDM Car Import Regulations 

The first step is understanding the import rules. The US federal government allows vehicles over 25 years old to be imported without having to meet emissions or safety standards. So, JDM cars from 1997 or older can enter without modification. Vehicles newer than 25 years must go through a complex series of regulatory steps to be approved - an often expensive and difficult process. 

Within the 25-year exemption, other requirements exist around proving ownership, providing documentation, and properly clearing customs. A seasoned import broker will handle these details, but knowing the high-level regulations builds necessary knowledge.

1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen

1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen

Costs and Considerations

Importing a JDM car involves more upfront expense compared to buying a USA domestic market car. On top of the vehicle purchase price, costs accrue from:

- Brokerage fees

- Shipping 

- Import duties/taxes

- Certifications & Documentation

- Modifications (if needed)

- Storage at port

These ancillary charges can range from a few thousand dollars into five digits. Do thorough research to understand the total costs before importing a specific JDM car.

Partnering with the right broker early on provides quotes for expected expenses. Costs vary based on the car’s age and condition, so predictions have limitations until assessing the exact vehicle. 

Ask the broker detailed questions on charges not only for initially importing the car but also continuing ownership - like parts availability. Maintenance and repairs require special attention for an imported vehicle.

Vetting an Exporter

Caution must be exercised when selecting an exporter to source your JDM car in Japan. An untrustworthy exporter might hide problems or fail to properly handle documentation. This results in shocks during the import process - anything from additional fees to the car being seized and destroyed.

Extensively research any Japanese car exporter before establishing a relationship. Validate proper registrations and business licenses. Check reputations through reviews. Confirm procedures will satisfy USA customs regulations and ask questions to gauge transparency.

Also, assess options for recourse should issues emerge. Exporters associating with recognized trade groups generally offer more leverage in resolving disputes. When comfortable with an exporter, they can greatly simplify procuring and transporting your dream JDM car.

Questions Around Importing JDM Cars

When preparing to import a JDM car into the USA, questions naturally arise around regulations, the process, costs, and more. Clearing common queries helps guide good decisions.

Mareks Cekuls' Odyssey: 2001 Subaru Impreza WRX

Mareks Cekuls' Odyssey: 2001 Subaru Impreza WRX

Can I import a 1999 JDM car to the USA? 

Yes, 1999 model-year cars meet the 25-year cutoff to be imported to the USA without modification. Vehicles from 1997 or older qualify as well. Note there are still regulatory steps in importing a 25+-year-old car, including showing valid ownership documents, meeting environmental standards for all 50 states, and properly clearing customs.

A seasoned import broker handles these requirements seamlessly. With the right paperwork from a transparent exporter, bringing a classic 1999 JDM car into compliance poses few issues compared to newer cars. Strict inspection and bonding regulations apply for vehicles under 25 years old.  

How much does it cost to import a car to the USA?

Import expenses exceed simply purchasing the car itself. From broker fees to shipping charges to storage costs, plan for several thousand dollars on top of the vehicle price. A 2015 study showed over $2,000 on average just for shipping and customs clearance/duties.

With a 25+ year old car the overall added expenses generally range from $3,000-$5,000 according to import brokers. Preparing to import a 1999 Acura Type R versus a 2022 Nissan GT-R leads to quite different total costs. The newer the car, the more regulations contribute expenses during importing.

Is importing a car from Japan to the USA a good idea?

This depends primarily on your budget and mechanical skillset. JDM cars undeniably provide uniqueness and customization options appealing to enthusiasts. If affordability exceeds priorities for luxury or performance, domestic marketplace cars may suit better. 

Owning an imported car also demands dedication for maintenance using speciality parts. Connecting with a community of fans for your imported car model proves invaluable long-term. Join forums and groups to exchange guidance as questions inevitably surface for care and repairs.

For the diehard JDM fan with financial means, importing a Japanese classic or modern performance model garners supreme excitement. Be realistic on costs beyond the initial sale and develop mechanical acumen. With eyes wide open, importing your dream JDM car creates an exceptional experience.

How do I import a car from Japan to the UK?

The preparation to import a JDM car to the UK mirrors the USA - assess regulations, brokerage needs, total costs, sourcing the right car/exporter, and completing paperwork. 

Some USA-specific requirements differ for UK import. For example, UK Bonded Warehouse storage applies after the car ships rather than USA customs clearance. Japan meets environmental regulations for the UK, so some certification steps don’t apply to JDM imports there. Overall process and costs run comparably. Connecting with UK-based import brokers and enthusiast communities equips you to make the best decisions for importing to the UK.

Completing an international JDM car import to the USA requires research, strategic partners, and planning. With persistence, owning your coveted vehicle feels reachable. Avoid rash decisions though - measure twice and cut once before buying an overseas car.

Setting Expectations

Curb initial enthusiasm with realistic expectations around importing:

  • Importing takes significant time - often months from purchase to delivery.

  • Unexpected costs may emerge for inspections, storage fees, or documentation needs.

  • Patience and flexibility become requisite mindsets for handling hiccups.

  • Join enthusiast forums to access community wisdom - this proves invaluable long-term in owning and maintaining an imported car.

Test drive the car model domestically if possible. Understand quirks and features ahead of time. While unlikely identical to JDM models, first-hand experience builds knowledge.

Managing Maintenance & Repairs, Once successfully imported, focus returns to pure automotive enjoyment. Be prepared for specialized care given potential differences from USDM cars. Identify mechanics comfortable tackling imports using online forums and owner’s clubs as resources. Aside from standard fluids, belts, brake pads, etc., imported engines and electronics may necessitate imported parts. Confirm parts accessibility from your exporter/broker ahead of purchase.

While higher maintenance investment applies, enjoy the head-turns and revs unique to JDM cars!

1993 Mitsubishi 3000gt VR4

Modifying A Dream Car: 1993 Mitsubishi 3000gt VR4

Questions from Enthusiasts

Communities united around favourite JDM models and brands offer invaluable insights. Ask detailed questions to access for years of experience. Common queries include:

  • What warning signs suggest issues with an exporter?

  • What resources help navigate the import process?

  • Outside of acquisition, where do hidden fees emerge?

  • How readily available are replacement parts?

  • What modifications apply for meeting USA standards?

Foster connections with fellow enthusiasts to mutually support owning these specialized vehicles. Join Stance Auto Magazine's large car community, ask questions, and get to know other JDM enthusiasts, HERE

Ready to Import Your JDM Car?

The regulations and nuances around importing JDM cars appear daunting initially. Passing rigorous guidelines ensures driving the car legally and to its full potential long-term. Arm yourself with the facts to pursue your imported car ambitions confidently.

Connect with a vetted broker service ready to facilitate a smooth import. Access regulators and enthusiasts to drive clarity on the process. Prepare financially for all expenses over the vehicle itself - the wider view empowers smart decisions.

With eyes fully open to the commitment ahead, importing a classic or modern JDM car creates an exceptionally rewarding automotive experience. Here’s to the magic of cruising USA roads in your coveted Skyline GT-R or Delica van!

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