1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen

Explore the captivating journey of a true car enthusiast, sharing his love for turbocharged cars, from a boosted Mk1 Golf to fulfilling his dream with a customized 1994 White Toyota Supra.

1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen
White 1994 Toyota Supra
1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen
1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen
1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen
1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen
1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen
1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen
1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen
1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen
1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen
1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen
1994 MK4 Toyota Supra: Bevan Petersen

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Bevan Petersen

1994 Toyota Supra

Instagram - @whoosh_wp and @bevan_whooshwp

Photographer - Darren Nieuwoudt

Instagram - @incogmedia

Power figures - 390 kw / 600 nm on 1.3bar boost

I am the youngest and only boy of 4 siblings. I work in the insurance industry as a Business Analyst. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My hobbies include watching F1, Rugby and Soccer...EPL. I am red at heart...Ferrari and Manchester Utd. I have been a car enthusiast since my teenage years ever since going to Killarney racetrack back in the early 90's. 

White 1994 Toyota Supra driving down the highway

An Addiction To Boost

My late buddy Langley, if it wasn't for him I would never have been in the racing scene. I have a MK1 Golf CTi which I was about to sell until he hit me up after seeing my number on the ad and encouraged me to keep it and turbocharge it. He let me have a go of his golf and that finally convinced me I would have fun with it being boosted. From there, my love for turbocharged cars grew deeper as the boost addiction took over. Today, 14 years later I still have the mk1 Golf, making 433kw and 666 nm. 

Giving My Supra The Justice Its Deserved

The MK4 Supra has always been my dream car. The high school boy in me, watching Fast and Furious back then, being on the car scene and learning more about the car, I knew I would simply have to own one someday. As for the customization, it's a Supra, standard wouldn't do it justice

A Rear shot of a White 1994 Toyota Supra

A Dream To Own With A 2JZ Grunt

It's a literal dream come true. In the beginning, I would wake up every day and look outside in the garage to see if it's really there, to see if I'm dreaming. Each time I look at it I feel a sense of joy as I actually own my all-time dream car. The startup sound of that 2JZ engine purring through the 100mm exhaust sings a song of happiness to my inner being. Driving it around the Cape Peninsula on a Sunday morning cruise is pure bliss. And if I need to get somewhere quickly, there's enough power at the twist of the throttle. I still need to get used to the attention the car brings. It's not something that roams South Africa's streets on a daily basis so wherever I go, people compliment and appreciate it, in the same way I did before I owned one. 

A Supra Unique to me 

A Toyota MK4 Supra is unique in its entirety. What makes it even more unique in South Africa is that it was never manufactured here. It's an import from Japan so there's not that much roaming our streets. Apart from the make and model, it has a Single big turbo and aftermarket intake.

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The Engine of a White 1994 Toyota Supra

Build list

Engine -

  • Stock 2JZ, 
  • Single big turbo, 
  • Precision wastegate
  • Precision dump valve, 
  • Aluminium Radiator, 
  • 100mm intercooler, 
  • Vibrant style boost clamps, 
  • Flex fuel system, 
  • Import plenum, 
  • 1000cc injectors, 
  • 525lp fuel pump, 
  • V160 6-speed manual gearbox, 
  • Triple plate Tilton clutch with Tilton concentric slave,  
  • MaxxEcu Race with Drive By Wire & electronic boost controller.

Interior shot of a White 1994 Toyota Supra

Interior - 

  • Haltec IC7 Dash, 
  • OEM electronic front seats, 
  • Rear black leather seats, 
  • Double din head unit

Exterior - 

  • Front scoop, 
  • Rear wing, 
  • Side skirtings

Wheels - 

  • TE37 front wrapped with 235 35 19" and rear 265 35 19"

Wheel shot from a White 1994 Toyota Supra

Suspension - 

Brakes - 

  • Upgraded bigger brakes

Future Plans

It has the clutch setup to handle big power so there are plans in the pipeline to upgrade the internals with forged rods and pistons, 2200cc injectors, cams and adding another fuel pump. Then she will be good to go.

A word of Advice

Work hard, follow your dreams and never give up on the end goal. set out a plan and write it down. make it visible and don't lose sight of the prize. 

Shout Outs

To Hermann Mahnke at HAT Dynamics www.hatdynamics.com @hatdynamics) for tuning the car. And to Seraaj Rylands at Performance Solutions @_pstuned for sponsoring the parts as well as Waleed Bassadien @supra2jzcpt for always giving up time and sourcing parts. And the wife for allowing me to JUST BE when it comes to my passion.

The Car Scene:

It goes beyond the track on race day. It's about the camaraderie. The Lifetime of friendships made along the way. It's a good breakaway from the busy daily life routine. To mingle with people who share the same hobbies and interests is always the cherry on top. 


My dream car is a Toyota Mk4 Supra lol

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