Russells Supra Mk4 (a.k.a Supruar)

The Toyota Supra Mk4 is a legendary sports car known for its timeless design, incredible performance, and massive aftermarket support. In this article from Stance Auto Magazine, we feature some of the most stunning and unique modified Supra Mk4s from around the world. See how these enthusiasts have taken the Supra to the next level with everything from subtle body mods and suspension upgrades to all-out engine swaps and custom paintwork.

This is Russells Second Car on here check out his other a CliO MK1 HERE

Russell Sherrin-Jones

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I’m 39 and work as an insurance claims assessor. I have been modding cars since I was 18 and have had 34 cars so far most of which have been modded of some description. I drive a 2017 Infiniti Q30 Sport as a daily and have the other 2 cars as projects. I do almost all of the work myself from bodywork, I.C.E, interior to electrics.

Supra Mk4 (a.k.a Supruar)