R.O Visuals: Rich Oldham

Embark on a photographic journey, a passionate car photographer featured in Stance Auto Magazine. From humble beginnings with a Nikon D40 to capturing the essence of iconic cars

R.O Visuals: Rich Oldham
R.O Visuals: logo
R.O Visuals: Rich Oldham
R.O Visuals: Rich Oldham
R.O Visuals: Rich Oldham
R.O Visuals: Rich Oldham
R.O Visuals: Rich Oldham
R.O Visuals: Rich Oldham
R.O Visuals: Rich Oldham

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Rich Oldham

Brand Name: R.O Visuals

Instagram: @_ro.visuals

Website/Link to Gallery rovisuals.com

How did you get into photography?

Back in 2008, the spark ignited when I received a Nikon camera as a Christmas gift. From family holidays to capturing the antics of our beloved pets, and even turning mundane household items into interesting subjects, I couldn't put the camera down. It wasn't until the midst of lockdown that I rediscovered my passion. Armed with a humble Nikon D40 and an 18-55mm kit lens, I felt like a tadpole in the vast ocean of photography. (Although, I'd say I've evolved into a bigger tadpole since then.)

The turning point came when I started taking my camera to car shows with friends post-lockdown. It was then that my love for photography seamlessly blended with my greatest hobby—cars, marking a significant chapter in my life.

Today, armed with my first mirrorless camera, I've not only established my name but also delved into intriguing projects and met fantastic people along the way. Every step of this journey has been a joy, and I'm eagerly anticipating what the future holds.

What is the meaning behind your brand name and logo?

It's as straightforward as it gets: 'R' for my first name and 'O' for my surname. After experimenting with various iterations, I concluded that simplicity just works.

What was your first paid photoshoot?

Interestingly, my first paid shoot was for another photographer who discovered me through Instagram. The subject? A stunning blue Mk3 RS Clio.

How did you build your brand?

Through a mix of free and paid private car shoots. This allowed me to cultivate relationships with diverse individuals, eventually catching the attention of various automotive businesses.

What is it like being a photographer in the car scene?

Let me be honest—it's no cakewalk. Initially, it felt easier because everything was new to me. I had a camera, attended shows, tagged people, and engaged with the community. However, as I gained experience, I realized the fierce competition out there. The key is to focus on your brand and avoid falling into the comparison trap.

What are your tips/tricks for photographers starting out?

My golden advice: practice, practice, practice. Confidence behind the camera reflects in your work. Network at every event, and never underestimate the power of word of mouth.

The one moment you remember that made you want to pursue car photography?

Witnessing the work of top automotive photographers and thinking, "Yeah, THIS is what I want to do."

What gives you a greater sense of achievement, the end product, or the experience?

Primarily, it's the end product, but sometimes it's both. Recently, I shot a Ferrari Roma for a regular client, and the experience itself was unforgettable.

How/What did you do to start selling your images?

My main income source is through the services I provide and the final products. While I plan to venture into producing prints in the future.

Is there a car you haven't shot yet that you would love to try and capture?

The list is extensive, but I'm a sucker for a Ferrari 512TR. Whether I'll get the chance to shoot one is uncertain. Anything pre-millennium is my focus.

What are your goals, what do you hope to achieve for the future?

I aspire to get published one day—that would be cool. However, my paramount goal is to break free from my day job and pursue photography full time. I understand it won't be easy, but if you truly want something in life, you have to put in the graft; otherwise, you don't really want it, you just 'kind of' want it.

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