Lee - The Mean looking Venom Rs 

What makes my car different from the rest is I never wanted to be standard I wanted it to stand out from the rest

Lee - The Mean looking Venom Rs 
Lee - The Mean looking Venom Rs 
Lee - The Mean looking Venom Rs 
Lee - The Mean looking Venom Rs 
Lee - The Mean looking Venom Rs 
Lee - The Mean looking Venom Rs 
Lee - The Mean looking Venom Rs 
Lee - The Mean looking Venom Rs 
Lee - The Mean looking Venom Rs 
Lee - The Mean looking Venom Rs 
Lee - The Mean looking Venom Rs 
Lee - The Mean looking Venom Rs 

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The Mean looking Venom Rs 

Hey all

My name is Lee, I am 32 from sunny Blackpool, 

Instagram @madvenomzrs

I work as an electrician I have been doing for 12 years now and I still love it as much as I did when I first started, I went through college to do an apprenticeship I then became qualified after 4 years, I worked hard then became a supervisor which gives more challenges to my job, managing a team, ordering materials or generally running the site, I am also a soldier in the army reserves I chose to go into the army as it was something I wanted to do when I was young but my dad thought it was best for me to learn a trade being why I became an electrician, I didn’t go into the army to do engineering I wanted something completely different from my everyday life so I joined the infantry apart of the duke of Lancaster regiment I have always been relatively fit from going to the gym which I love doing.

I have been in the army for 6 years now going away with them at weekends to train it has taught me a lot of aspects that be respect and loyalty and determination and motivation to achieve and reach goals also taught me discipline with morals and values to take into my full-time job. I have a little boy Blake who is 5. He loves cars as much as I do he enjoys coming to car shows with me as well as standing guard of my car so no one touches it my security haha.

I got into the car from a young age if that being playing with matchbox cars, It was only when I reached my teenage years I became more interested in the car scene after going to a few shows it was always fords that caught my eye if that be the old classics like the Mexico or the Capri and the cosworth there was always something about fords that made me want to own one , once i passed my test I was eager to find a ford my dream car at the time was the Ford Fiesta Rs turbo seeing a red one at a show just caught my eye the bonnet vents, Recaro seats the sound of the engine, but knowing I could never get insurance on one never mind afford one so I settled on a red mk1 Fiesta 1 litre I loved it after a year it was developing problems always breaking down so instead of putting money into it I sold it and purchased another fiesta but the mk4 with the 1.25cc Zetec 16v in blue it already had coilovers on it so was low and janspeed s1 exhaust and induction kit the car never caused me any problems

For the first 3 years of driving it but as the M.O.T came along the dreaded rust was appearing around the arches which was costing me more then the car was worth so again I parted ways with the car and used it as a deposit for my next car which was a frozen white fiesta mk7 that I got on pcp I kept the car completely standard and sort of faded away from the car scene until the 3years was up and handed the car back at that point I had saved money for a decent car that had more performance a focus st mk3 in black with it being standard 250bhp I thought this car I can modify so got straight to it with the usual induction kit , rear back box delete for more sound , and lowered it , it was a fantastic car to drive and knowing I had power at my foot compared to my previous cars after 6 months of owning the car my dream car was to asways own a Rs , after attending more shows and getting back into it I joined the focus northwest owners club after looking around the sort of cars people owned there it was the ultimate green mk2 Rs.

Standing there all aggressive and the sun shining off the paint work showing them yellow flecks I was like maybe one day, as I was commuting, I passed a garage and what was it I saw for sale a focus Rs mk2 green I pulled over straight away to look at it, the guy came out and asked if I was interested in the car I told him I just recently got the new st and said this was my dream car so asking a question about it and the history of it I was torn I wanted it so much but just bought a new car so I walked away, as days going by always on my mind I told my partner about the car she was like instant no your not getting it but I persuaded her to at least look at it with me so she did, when the guy saw it was me again he said why don’t you take it for a drive so we did and as we pulled back up my partner said we need to have it so I made a deal with my st and got the Rs.

What makes my car different from the rest is I never wanted to be standard I wanted it to stand out from the rest I wanted to be different knowing the path I took with my car would probably get haters but as they say dare to be different and that’s exactly what I did I wanted to make my car how I wanted it and my opinion was only going to be the one that mattered, I wanted to keep as much of the green on a show as possible but adding a twist onto it to make it stand out and make it my own. I came up with this theme as I love marvel films and venom being my favourite one is why I had to add him to the car. 

Ford Focus Rs mk2 2010


  • . Airtec Stage 3 intercooler 
  • . K&N cone induction kit
  • .Forge Recirc valve 
  • .Airtec Plenum 
  • .kms Decat
  • .kms section 18 exhaust system 6” tips
  • .Bosch 650cc injectors 
  • . Custom remap 400bhp
  • .Bilstein B16 Coilovers 
  • .PSB poly bush’s (all round)
  • .20mm front & back wheel spacers 
  • .EBC front & rear discs and pads 


  • .Custom Designed Wrap
  • .wind deflectors
  • .sunstrip
  • .Zunsport lower Grill mesh 
  • .kms front splitter
  • .TRComposite side and rear spats
  • .front and rear lights tinted 
  • .Rear diffuser extension 
  • .St spoiler 
  • .WRC Wing 
  • .Brake calipers painted green
  • .standard wheels painted in pearlescent yellow 
  • .Wing mirror caps painted in pearlescent yellow 
  • .ford performance plate holders
  • .4D plates neon green/black overlay 
  • .Bonnet spacers 

Under the hood has been hydro dipped with a custom design which goes with the car also replaces the standard hoses with pro hoses, and the front strut brace has been replaced also with a few added chrome bits.

I have done some of the work on my car as I like to learn what I can and can’t do, I do the servicing on my car that be oil and filter change and spark plugs and air filter I also fitted my poly bush’s, new slider pins to the rear callipers, discs and pads, the hoses under the bonnet as well as other bits 

My car wouldn’t be the way it is without the people I use and trust with my car.

kms motorsport - eric Lloyd and his boys have always looked after me and my car 

Blueprint - I would say the best in the business at wraps there designer stan tweaking my design till I was happy and the owner and the man of wrapping Richard monk 

AC Alloys - Andy Coops the man who looks after my wheels and callipers if that’s from a scuff or a refurb can always count on him to do an awesome job and the colours he picks are unreal 

NMDesigns - nick Mannion for supplying me with my custom decals and gels top-notch service 

Detail Garage - Kev at the detailing garage for supplying me with the best products that are chemical guys to keep my car looking shiny and protected.

Mk Customs - mark Keeler for doing all my hydro dipping under my engine bay, his designs are truly amazing.

I think there will always be something you want to do, but for me, it is Maxton spoiler extension, Whiteline front and rear sway bar and drops links, and Wrc vents. 

I am an admin for a car group called Focus Northwest Owners Club  we attend a lot of events and shows if that be local or a drive away, we have been lucky to win trophies at some of the events, we also like to set up our own events would that be a drive out with photoshoots or at some of our sponsor's premises, 

We pride ourselves with this club as we see it not to be just about cars but family as some owners have children we try to cater for all at the events we do and make them fun, we also do raffles on are pages with prizes being donated from our sponsors, some of the cars have taken kids to prom. We welcome all owners of Ford Focus’s and we try to help anyone who needs it. So if you drive a focus to give us a follow on Facebook at focus northwest owners club or on Instagram  @fnwoc were a crazy lovely bunch 

Thank you for reading my article of me babbling on and please give me a follow on Instagram thank you again. Lee

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