Exclusive Interview with Marcus keen

I've always had a passion for driving but i would say from watching livestream drifting events!

Exclusive Interview with Marcus keen
Exclusive Interview with Marcus keen
Exclusive Interview with Marcus keen
Exclusive Interview with Marcus keen
Exclusive Interview with Marcus keen
Exclusive Interview with Marcus keen
Exclusive Interview with Marcus keen
Exclusive Interview with Marcus keen

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Exclusive Interview with Marcus keen, 

Instagram: @marcus.keen.drifting 

Introduce your Team

Sadly no team as of yet, but already have a name planned  (keen to drift) excuse the pun lol

Tell us all about you, why and how you got into the Racing scene

Name is Marcus Keen, I’m from one of the smallest cities in the UK! Wells, not to be confused with Wales as most people do lol I’ve been a petrol head from as young as I can remember! 

I did a lot of car shows and a few track days in a Subaru Imprezza. I had a fair few years back now but after watching various drift demo’s and different events I knew it was something I wanted to try! So that was it, impreza was sold and I began the financial mistake of drifting 

Tell us about your car

My car is a 1999 Nissan Skyline r34. A car made famous by the fast and furious franchise!

It was my second drift car following a Nissan s14a. I have just recently finished a big overhaul on the car which has taken just over a year. It's now running a fresh engine from the legendary dave yandell with cp pistons, zr rods, hks cams, n1 oil pump, port and polished head! Made a staggering 745hp on the rolling road mapped by martin battye, has been dialled back and running a very healthy 680hp on high boost at 1.8 bar and 540hp at 1.4 bar on low boost setting, which I had installed just encase I need to pop to the shops in it! Aswell as engine it had a freshly built box, new link ecu, fuel system, custom 3.5inch exhaust system and even a fresh livery design ready for whatever events 2021 will throw my way! 

How did you get involved in Racing?

I've always had a passion for driving but i would say from watching livestream drifting events! Watching cars flying at high speeds in close proximity barely being able to see where they're going from all the smoke! Does it get any better than that? 

Is it exciting for you?

Very! The bigger the track the better the experience, I know I’ve had a great time when I get out of the car after driving and my hands are physically shaking from the excitement.

Memorable Race experiences?

Retro drift challenge 2019, round 5 pembrey Big track! I remember waking up an hour late to leave thinking great it's going to be one of these days! Rushing like crazy to get there in time for briefing and scrutineering which I did by minute’s! Racing started about 9am with cars lined up to go and I was finally out on track at 10am. I unloaded and did my usual checks! Had a tricky morning learning the line, and time qualifying came up I only just scraped through  coming 31st. Out of a top 32 so I was able to go into the top 32 Battles! I was determined at this point to prove I belonged there! And overall came away with a 3rd place winning my first ever trophy! After some intense battles with some fantastic drivers! 

Have you ever sneezed in the car while Racing?

I can’t say I have funnily enough! Although I did have a headache from hell once at a competition day which really did throw me off! Can barely concentrate at the best of times 

What is the car you have had the most fun while driving and why?

Definitely my skyline! The sheer noise of it on full chat makes me feel all warm inside! Not to mention the attention it draws in. Its a very scene queen kinda car 

What is the worst car you ever drove and why?

Probably a non turbo blob eye subaru! Going from a turbo charged one to a na was like eating a bar of galaxy then trading it for a stick of celery! Somewhere you would get in 2 minutes would now take 20! 

What is your dream Racecar and why?

I would love to take Steve baggsy r35gtr for a rip! Thing just looks and sounds naughty 

What mod would you do first to your car? 

All about the big wang gang! I’m a sucker for a big spoiler! The bigger the better haha 

Who is your favourite Driver?

Would have to say baggsy or mad Mike! Both know how to put on a mega Show! And you can tell they're both loving every minute which is what it's all about! 

Are you in it to win it – or do you Race just for fun?

I’d like to say I race for fun! I’m a people pleaser, so if I can put on a great show and make lots of people smile that's what it's all about for me! Of course if I get a podium finish and a bottle of prosecco it’s definitely a bonus haha 

Where do you usually Race and is it your favourite, why?

I have a local event which is held once a month at a local airfield in westonzoyland, always a great atmosphere with a great bunch of people! Always willing to help each other out and give you pointers and advice if needed! That’s what it's all about if you're not having fun what’s the point? 

Running at a new track how many laps does it take before you master it?

Usually I spend a good half day getting to grips with the new layout, I seek any advice or pointers I can get to try and help give me the edge , I can see everything from the cockpit sometimes an extra pair of eyes makes all the difference to your driving line.

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