Exclusive interview with Harrison Waterhouse

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Exclusive interview with Harrison Waterhouse
Exclusive interview with Harrison Waterhouse
Exclusive interview with Harrison Waterhouse
Exclusive interview with Harrison Waterhouse
Exclusive interview with Harrison Waterhouse
Exclusive interview with Harrison Waterhouse
Exclusive interview with Harrison Waterhouse

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Exclusive interview with Harrison Waterhouse By Living the Drift Life

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  1. Tell us about you

- Harrison Waterhouse

- 20 Years old from Sydney Australia.

- I drift an underpowered 120y

  1. How did you get involved in drifting?

- Saw a friend post a video of a drift event and ever since then have been hooked.

  1. Why is it exciting for you?

- Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of going sideways.

  1. Memorable drifting experiences?

- Drifting with Adam LZ At Archerfield Drift Park.

- Drifting the Sparesbox Skidpan with my whole team.

  1. Have you ever sneezed while drifting?

- No.

  1. What is the car you have had the most fun while driving?

- My 120y.

  1. The worst car you ever drove?

- My 120y.

  1. Dream drift car?

- 910 Bluebird I’m in the process of building.

  1. What mod would you do first to your drift car?

- An LSD

  1. Who is your favourite drifter?

- Daniel Shalders

  1. Are you in it to win it – or do you drift just for fun?

- Both. I love being competitive but also love just doing lap after lap with a few mates.

  1. Where do you usually drift?

- Raleigh Raceway.

  1. When running at a new track how many laps does it take before you master it?

- Don’t know if I’ve ever mastered a track but it takes me about 5-10 laps to be able to do a consistent line.

  1. If you were going to start this over again, what three things would you do differently

- 1. Get a car with a little more power.

- 2. Get a car with better off the shelf parts support

- 3. Not drift a Rally car.

  1. What was your worst crash?

- Spinning in front of someone. They tried to go up the inside to miss me but just clipped me and smashed every panel on the front of my car. Turned my bumper in a W and made my grille into a jigsaw puzzle.

  1. Your best day is drifting?

- Drifting with my Team at the Sparesbox Skidpan. Got a couple of door and wheel taps and got really close to everyone.

  1. And your worst?

- Spawn the Drift 1, when my engine started to let go.

  1. What would you say to other people who want to become drift drivers?

- Start small and work your way up.

  1. How do you see yourself in 5 years?

- Drifting competitively all over Australia and still thrashing my 120y.

  1. Do you have a routine or ritual that sets your mind before drifting?

- Sit in my car and stare into space for a minute.

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