Scott - Nissan Silvia s14

I’ve had a few cars since this one x4 saxo’s x5 e36’s coupes and touring’s but this is the big one of them all and what I’ve wanted since being a kid 

Scott - Nissan Silvia s14
Scott - Nissan Silvia s14
Scott - Nissan Silvia s14
Scott - Nissan Silvia s14
Scott - Nissan Silvia s14
Scott - Nissan Silvia s14
Scott - Nissan Silvia s14

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my names Scott, 

im 23 and currently a vehicle breaker.

Instagram for the car is @violentkouki 

I was always into cars from 6 years old with the hot wheels, but what got me into cars was my uncle Chris with his Peugeot 306 from the “max power” era but even looking now it would fit in with today’s “scene” was pretty cool to be honest! @millerin330 

I’ve had a few cars since this one x4 saxo’s x5 e36’s coupes and touring’s but this is the big one of them all and what I’ve wanted since being a kid 

My first car was a Citroen saxo 1.4 furio which i bought from the auction for £300 it lasted 6 months before moving up to a 1.6 vts I found for £500 which I built up to be a track car will find photos on my Instagram somewhere 

I currently drive a Ford Focus, nothing special while I build the Nissan Silvia s14

It’s not far off being finished but I’ve been saying that for years now thought and always end up finding other bits to do, I do have a lot more plans for it with a link ecu and a top mount gtx3071r before the end of the year and break the 400bhp mark, before considering a rb or Jz swap still undecided along with a smoothed bay, 

Most of the work has been done by myself. The body work and paint was done by @D.P.motorsport so massive thanks to Dave over there.Never tell him to hit a paint booth wall with a massive bit of wood. He’ll know what I mean. There’s a lot of custom stuff done to the car with the moulded on over fenders, rear bumper, side skirts and the custom metal front wings which is rarely seen on s14’s because everyone goes fibreglass. I’ll give a short run down of the build otherwise we’ll be here all day - this by no means is a concourse build, it’s no drift car either I’ve built it to have fun and enjoy. 



  • SR20DET Bent cam 
  • Garrett t28r bb turbo 
  • Greddy Front mount intercooler with coolant SFS hoses
  • Toyosports straight through exhaust 
  • NGK Iridium BKR7EIX Plugs
  • Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
  • Hks oil cap 
  • Horsham Developments ECU Running around 290- 300bhp
  • Japspeed tubular manifold – heat wrapped
  • Japspeed black anodised radiator
  • Apexi air filter
  • Battery relocated in boot
  • Air con removed 
  • Soon to have a full custom exhaust

Drive train - (was auto)

  • manual gearbox conversion 
  • RPS street max clutch
  • Act lightened flywheel
  • Apex short shifter
  • LSD rear diff 


  • Wilwood 4 pot big brake kit 
  • Z33 rear brakes with shoe handbrake
  • Hel braided lines all round 


Chassis / Suspension:

  • 18” we’d kranze bazreia (very hard to find 
  • 10j et31 
  • 13.25j et 38 rear 
  • Airlift performance 3p bags 
  • Fully poly bushed rear subframe 
  • Driftworks v2 front lower control adjustable arms 
  • Driftworks v2 rear lower adjustable control arms 
  • Driftworks kinked tension arms 
  • Apex adjustable arms
  • Uprated Steering Rack Bushes
  • Whiteline anti-roll bars all round
  • Front and rear Cusco strut brace
  • Currently running -10 camber on the rear and -8 on the front when air’d out 



  • Dmax type 3 front bumper 
  • Dmax type 3 side skirts 
  • Dmax type 3 rear bumper
  • Dmax rear led lights 
  • 326 power roof spoiler
  • Jdm kouki grill 
  • Custom front wings 
  • Byba +50mm rear overfenders pinched to 100mm each side 
  • Stock s14a mirrors with caps body colour matched 
  • Qs 200sx badge
  • HID's



  • Nissan 350z front seats 
  • Stock s14 rear seats 
  • Rear half cusco roll cage 
  • Vertex king of vertex steering wheel 
  • Vibe audio speakers all round 
  • Gizzmo IBC Boost Controller
  • Depo Racing water temp/oil temp/oil 
  • pressure gauges
  • A pillar boost gauge 
  • Carbon fibre centre console 
  • Carbon fibre dial surround 
  • Carbon fibre door handles 
  • Genuine Carbon gear knob
  • Custom home made fibre optic starlight headliner 
  • Bride fabric home made gear gaiter 
  • Blue led dial through out 


Shout out to 

  • @d.p.motorsport - body work / paint 
  • @byba_kits - overfenders and roof wing
  • @rimscarnated - wheel lips 
  • @driftworks - arms / lights 
  • @airliftperformance - suspension 
  • @vipmotorsport - suspension 
  • @epracing - kit and carbon 
  • @wilwoodbrakes - brakes 
  • @epicwheels_ru - wheels 

I believe in supporting those who support you, I’ve been apart of violent for nearly 2 years which is an exclusive invite only group of guys and girls around the world along with a few other groups links below 

  • @violentclique 
  • @officialslammeduk
  • @okeydokebrand

I haven’t been to any shows in 2 years due to building this, I don’t see the need to go to shows spend money that could go into the build but highly recommend 

gravity - Jordan from slammeduk puts on one hell of a show 

Fitteduk - was well worth the 7 hour round trip! 

Players classic / airfield - amazing show with a lot of great builds on show

I’ve entered one or two, never had any luck though 

I’ve got a few “dream” cars I’d like to own and I’m all about making them happen, I think next once the 14’s built I’ll put it away and grab myself a s13 next, but I've always fancied myself a Porsche 997 and making a old/new build (google it if you’re unsure) but I do think next thing is going to be a grown up move in getting a house so we’ll see what happens. 

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