Welcome to Modified RCZ Owners Club

Another very friendly car group with lots of useful advice for RCZ owners, this group is for RCZ owners only if you own one you are more than welcome to join.

Welcome to Modified RCZ Owners Club

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Modified RCZ Owners Club

founded in 2017. 

The club was created by Carl Grove and Kristos Gouloumis

Originally we were both parts of another RCZ group but felt the group was lacking in content and often advice regarding faults and repairs was usually wrong. 

There was no sense of community in the group and modifications didn’t go down very well either. 

As a result of this, a new better club was set up and the rest is history. 

Carl is a Peugeot/Citroen Technician so the club was in safe hands to offer the correct advice when it came to repairs, common faults and how to’s. 

Kristos handles all the administrative work for the club. Be it arranging the clubs meets, Convoys, Merchandise and promotions. 

“Modified RCZ Owners Club” is an owners only club. 

We currently have over 700 members based all over the world. 

Although the club is mostly about Modified Peugeot RCZ we welcome all RCZ owners “Modified “ and “Stock”. 

As long as you own an RCZ and you’re passionate about your car that’s all we ask. 

“Modified RCZ Owners Club” is a place where you can share pictures of your pride and joy, learn new things and get help with faults and repairs or future modifications or ideas. 

We like to arrange meets and go to shows together. 

“Modified “ is not just another car club, it’s a family!

You may have seen us at some of the shows we attended ( back when car shows were still a thing and we weren’t all locked indoors lol)

Some of the shows the club has attended are:

  • French car show
  • PugFest
  • Modified Nationals
  • FuelFest
  • Trax Silverstone
  • Tunerfest 

We aim to be the best and biggest RCZ club in the UK. 

So, if you own a Peugeot RCZ and want to be a part of the family.

Head over to “Modified RCZ Owners Club “ on Facebook.

We are now part of the United Car Groups a community of car groups who have come together through Stance Auto Magazine to help make the car community a better place for the whole community, Organising more Events, Shows, and Competitions, across the whole community.

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