Welcome to Rogue Static

Rogue static a facebook car group, everyone is welcome, monthly car meets, and big events planned for the year ahead

Welcome to Rogue Static

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Rogue Static 

A UK northwest based car community for ALL types of car enthusiast.

From your daily project to a showstopper you will find yourself welcome right here with us.

Over the last 18 months of progression, our small community has exceed our thoughts,

From a few friends to a massive family of members spread out across the nation.

Merchandise to suit everyone 

Monthly events to raise funds and awareness for our hand picked, deserving charity 

Drive outs, track days and cars and coffee events all planned for our valued members 

The years flown past and not just with the lockdowns and restrictions 

We are a family orientated car group, so our hosted and collaboration events are safer due to promoting only STATIC events,

We work with some of the greatest, like minded people from other groups to bring something new for everyone no matter what background, everyone is welcomed and treated like family.

We will be holding track specific events for the ease of letting you unwind and release the animal inside too.

Our main goals are to work with our local communities and groups to provide legal, safe events for everyone,

With this we are giving back to the surrounding areas, bringing in revenue for local trades pubs, cafes etc.

ALL our merchandise profits and entry fees raised by our events go directly to our charity, SSAFA the armed forces charity,

who's work with and raise money for our veterans and their families in difficulty 

Our masters of the decks:

Swiv Swivel - Pure Techno

Mr Mayhem - Mayhem Productions

And we sponsor Genie MC - Mayhem Productions be sure to check out all the live streams posted on our group