Cars & Coffee South Mississippi Car Group

Calling all car enthusiasts in South Mississippi! Join Cars & Coffee South MS for bi-annual events featuring drag racing, car displays, and good company. Learn more and join the community

Cars & Coffee South Mississippi Car Group
Cars & Coffee South Mississippi Car Group

Are you a car enthusiast in South Mississippi with a passion for all things automotive? Then buckle up, gearhead, because Cars & Coffee South Mississippi (CCSMS) is your one-stop shop for good times and great rides!

Created by car lovers, for car lovers, CCSMS is all about providing a welcoming space for enthusiasts to gather, share their passion, and admire some truly stunning vehicles. Whether you're a seasoned gearhead or just starting your journey into the world of cars, CCSMS offers a friendly and inclusive atmosphere for all.

Bi-Annual Events: Drag Racing, Displays, and More! 

CCSMS throws epic bi-annual events designed to satisfy your inner speed demon and quench your thirst for automotive eye candy. The events are typically two-day affairs, offering the best of both worlds:

  • Night One: Get your adrenaline pumping at Gulfport Dragway! This is your chance to unleash your car's fury on the track or simply hang out and showcase your ride amongst fellow enthusiasts.

  • Day Two: Rise and shine for a laid-back gathering at Edgewater Mall. This is a more relaxed setting where you can stroll through a diverse display of cars, chat with fellow car lovers, and simply enjoy the camaraderie.

More Than Just a Car Show 

CCSMS is all about fostering a sense of community without the pressure and formality of a traditional car show. Here, the emphasis is on shared passion, appreciation, and good old-fashioned fun. It's a place to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from each other's experiences, and marvel at the creativity and dedication poured into each vehicle.

Join the Crew! 

Whether you own a show-stopping classic, a meticulously modified machine, or a daily driver with a whole lot of heart, CCSMS welcomes you with open arms. There's no pressure to bring a car – just come ready to share your passion and enjoy the company of fellow gearheads.

Looking to connect with CCSMS? Head over to their Facebook page (link: and give them a follow! You can also find them on Instagram at @cars_coffee_southms.

Supporting a Great Cause

CCSMS is proud to support the Toys for Tots Foundation each year. During their events, they encourage attendees to donate toys that are then collected by the United States Marines to bring joy to underprivileged children during the holiday season.

A Big Thank You

The success of CCSMS wouldn't be possible without the dedication of its amazing team of admins and moderators: Keean "Daddy" Le, Kaylee Rogers, Brandon Henderson, Mark "Gigantor" Faulkenberry, Scott Ross, Tavaris Mcinnis, Anthony "$" Tran, and Tim Farmer Klein. A big thank you also goes out to all the past admins who helped build the group to where it is today.

Finally, a huge shoutout to the sponsors who keep the CCSMS events rolling: Atlas Automotive, Nitrous Outlet, Ryled Up LLC, Finishing Touch Motorsports Spa, Gulfport Dragway, Merritt Productions, and Edgewater Mall.