Welcome to TTMK1OC (TT Mk1 Owners Club)

If you are new to Mk1 TT ownership or have had a long time love affair expect a very warm welcome. Find us on FB TTMK1OC

Welcome to TTMK1OC (TT Mk1 Owners Club)
Welcome to TTMK1OC (TT Mk1 Owners Club)
Welcome to TTMK1OC (TT Mk1 Owners Club)
Welcome to TTMK1OC (TT Mk1 Owners Club)
Welcome to TTMK1OC (TT Mk1 Owners Club)
Welcome to TTMK1OC (TT Mk1 Owners Club)

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TTMK1OC (TT Mk1 Owners Club) was branded in 2017 and has gradually grown to be a fantastic community of enthusiasts with member's throughout the UK and worldwide. We are about quality enthusiasm for the cars and not about quantity. This we feel gives people that join us an opportunity to forge genuine friendships and common interest.

We attend shows such as Deutsche Fest Brands Hatch & Motorfest as a group. Run competitions at events to win trophies and prizes and have an online Car of The Year award. Our owners cover a vast range of examples from OEM to fully modified and they share their knowledge and experience. 

Some of the custom ideas are exceptional and we are very lucky to have some quality suppliers such as Cloude 9 Customs, Whanab Innovative Auto Design, Kirkby Printed Creations, BWS TT, Leepy Customs, The Clay Cloth Company & Clueless Customs. Each of them continue to amaze us with their new products, services and ideas.

So if you are new to Mk1 TT ownership or have had a long time love affair expect a very warm welcome. Find us on FB TTMK1OC and follow us at @ttmk1oc.

Admin - Sharna Robertson - West Sussex

I'm not the owner of the club or founder, l suppose you could call me the inheritor. I joined the club in 2017. I stated that the only modification was going to be my wheels. Little did l know that with the Mk1 TT for many of us you can catch the bug. 3yrs later and it was a completely different story. My engine bay went from completely OEM to highly polished. My 1.8T had V6 upgrades, lowered suspension  and a Miltek exhaust. Still not a patch on the standard of our other member's cars but l enjoy the community and no one makes anyone feel inferior, whatever their standard. During 2018 my mother Yvonne otherwise known as Mummy R caught the bug. She remains OEM but it truly has become a family obsession.

"Let me tell you about the rest of our team"

Admin - Jonny Markham - North Lincolnshire 

Jonny @jonny1975tt  joined the team in 2018 his Mk1 TT is truly unique. He has a very great sense of humour and strikes witty comebacks to the colour "Primer" comments. However when you see his 3.2 V6, remapped 257bhp in a line up of TT's. His is the one that people stop to admire. His other upgrades are Brembo 4 pots, stainless exhaust, Ramair filter and custom colour rims. Jonny says that he loves being part of the club as we all share our knowledge and help each other. We don't get to see Jonny as often due to distance. So if you happen to be close to the High Street in Messingham, pop into Markham's family chip shop and get yourself some great food and a dose of his banter. Just don't shout "Primer."

Admin - Danny Botterell - Essex

Danny @f4ddb joined the team in 2019 very shortly after being awarded our Show & Shine trophy at one of our events. I remember seeing him raising and lowering his car to music on his sound system and videoing whilst laughing with a friend. He drives a 2001 225 Coupe, with airlift and sequentials. To be honest if l listed his mods (His words) he'd need his own article. He stays with us because he loves seeing the other cars on our FB page. Helping our member's with his modding experiences, meeting up at shows and being part of the banter. His car is one to watch, l certainly won't be parking next to it.

Admin - Haydies De'arth - Surrey

Haydies joined the team in 2019 he has a very relaxed and calming manner about him and had only been driving for about 3yrs so the club has been his first introduction to the car scene. He drives a 2003, 180 Quattro Coupe. Which he now has fitted with coilovers and bigger anti roll bars. He has also added some carbon details. Haydies will admit that he is a novice at modifying/working on his car but what he can attempt he does himself. However he is also very aware of his limits whilst he is learning. So has truly embraced the built, not bought spirit to the best of his ability. During 2019 he attended and supported the team at many of our events and enjoyed meeting our member's, so he said that he looks forward to future seasons.

Admin - Stuart Pugh - Essex

Stu @capturedintimeevents joined the team in 2018. His 2003 V6 Roadster in Dolomite Grey with full red leather interior, took him awhile to take photos of his car without the doors open but after upgrading his alloys and a custom made exhaust he finally managed equal exterior pride and can now at a photo shoot leave them closed. Stu says he loves being able to arrange events for the club and seeing our member's lovely cars. Watch out though because he also says he loves randomly approaching people when out and about, to persuade them to join us. So if you're a Mk1 owner in the Essex area you're not safe. He'll either try and have a loud exhaust showdown with you or stalk you... so be AWARE. Due to Stu being a DJ and running an events company  we hope to throw one huge club party in the future.

"So there you have it, that's us we love our club, our fellow team mates, our member's, our Mk1 TT family. 

Are you a true owner/enthusiast? 

Come find us.

Unless Stu finds you first."

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