Welcome to UN-Identified

family run, and full of like minded members with plenty of open and active topics, plenty of good advice, very friendly group

Welcome to UN-Identified

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We are called [UN-IDENTIFIED]

Unidentified car club is a family friendly club that welcomes people of all ages, any type of car and modifying. We aim to prove that the car scene isn't full of haters and judgemental people and that respects for everyone's different taste are the way to do it 

As we said we are family friendly so welcome children and even make sure we do meets every now and then to let the children get involved, like bowling, beaches, parks etc we would normally hold a meet every other sunday evening which is basically a good old friendly laugh and get together obviously this lockdown has meant we haven't had one in a while but once its finished we are hoping to have lots more meets and make up for lost time 


We are a community of people that love cars and enjoy coming together for meets, Shows and charity events.

We mainly support three charities,

  - Dementia UK

  - Children’s Hospice South West

  - Devon Air Ambulance 


RyanTravis and 4 other members 

The rules set in place for everyone to get on are as follows: No bitching and moaning No snide comments towards or about people No abuse, be it verbal or physical No driving like an idiot and most of all... HAVE FUN!!!

If these rules aren't followed, or anyone has any concerns about them then please feel free to come and speak to a member of the admin team or Private message us.

All complaints can be made to any of us, the complaints will be logged and dealt with as we see fit, be it a warning or being kicked from [UN-IDENTIFIED]

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We are now part of the United Car Groups a community of car groups who have come together through Stance Auto Magazine to help make the car community a better place for the whole community, Organising more Events, Shows, and Competitions, across the whole community.

If you would like your Car and Story or Your Business Featured like this, Please

Email: CarlaShannon, Andz or Admin, they would love to hear from you.

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