Welcome to Rule Breakers

Rule Breakers car club is a community of gearheads who push the boundaries of automotive culture. Check out our latest feature in Stance Auto Magazine to learn more about their unique and innovative builds.

Welcome to Rule Breakers

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Rule Breakers

Back when the car modding world was great back in the mid-90s to mid-noughties....people of all ages made crazy custom creations and night scared to break the mould and try something new. Going to shows like Max Power Live and chilling with your mates in bright, loud and usually dangerous car parks around the country created the highlights of your life. It was not unusual to find modded cars with TV screens popping out of lights, smoothed bodywork, crazy one-off kits and new ways to make something off the shelf your own with custom touches.

Stricter rules, financed PCP cars with cheap or free insurance and social media scaremongering changed the scene entirely.....and not much for the better. Many people want to see a return to the old modding life using new technology, materials and ideas......so.......what are you working on and what cool stuff can you make today?


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