Welcome to Area 51 Car Club Wales

Welcome to Area 51 Car Club Wales, a car club dedicated to stance cars. We meet regularly for car meets and events, and we love to show off our modified cars. If you're interested in stance cars, come check us out.

Welcome to Area 51 Car Club Wales

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Area 51 Car Club Wales.

Here are rules to be part of the club, I'm very particular who's in the club, it doesn't matter if you're my best pal or if I just met you, the rules must be followed by all. Sounds a bit of a dictatorship but I find by having these rules it keeps the 'bad apples' away and the members agree. Every three months I have a purge night and delete inactive members, I'm not about numbers. I would rather have a club of 30 people who join in on conversations, meets and shows than a club of 1k members.

As much as I hate to say it as it's so cliche, but we are an adults club, and we are like a little family. We all look out for each other, all help each other out and the majority of us have children and my main priority is making sure we all feel safe and secure around each other. There are not many clubs out there I affiliate with however there are two clubs that have always been very welcoming and very understanding of my daughter's conditions and they are Team Osaka and Superior Rides, I highly recommend those two clubs.

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