Danielle fuller Fiesta - Blue Baby 

What did she want? She wanted a mk5 fiesta. So, I bought her a blue mk4 fiesta and she was OK with it but could tell she was not happy but she drove it around.

Danielle fuller  Fiesta - Blue Baby 
Danielle fuller  Fiesta - Blue Baby 
Danielle fuller  Fiesta - Blue Baby 
Danielle fuller  Fiesta - Blue Baby 
Danielle fuller  Fiesta - Blue Baby 

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Danielle fuller

Fiesta - Blue Baby 

Instagram: @blueovalrescuecentre

I would like to tell you a little story about blue and how she went from a £50 scrapper to a show stopper. Blue is my wife's fiesta and you have no idea how much she loves this car. But it’s been a rocky road for blue and it nearly didn't happen. It all started 5 years ago when my wife passed her driving test and for her doing this, I said I would buy her a car. 

What did she want? She wanted a mk5 fiesta. So, I bought her a blue mk4 fiesta and she was OK with it but could tell she was not happy but she drove it around. Months after she Passed the fiesta needed its M.O.T and knowing I was busy she took it without me looking at it. Well, it failed badly on all sorts more than the car was worth but my wife wanted it fixed. 

So, I needed parts and fast. So, the search started and while looking I found blue. A mk5 fiesta with a blown engine up for scrap. A telephone call later it had all the parts I needed so I went and got it. The wife’s eyes lit up when blue turned up but it was rough and very rough. But the wife had a vision.  It was decided the engine was coming out of the mk4 into the mk5 and she was going to drive that. I have never seen the wife so happy but blue was rough. Lots of rust, lots of scratches but boy did the wife love it. 

She would just go for drives out and take photos of her shed. Then disaster one day while she was at work someone drove into blue and damaged her badly. The wife was heartbroken as I just wanted to replace the car but no, she wants it rebuilt. 

After a lot of talking it was decided if we’re going to do it right. All the bodywork, all the rust, fully respray the lot. So, work started, lots of welding was done to the floor, new wing, new chassis legs, new arches. Boot handle was a smooth body kit that fitted everything she wanted. My usual painter could not paint it due to health issues so I found another painter. A price was agreed and the car was dropped off. Months went by and lots of broken deadlines until after 18 months I could not wait any longer and I went and got the car from the body shop. 

The car was in a terrible state worse than when we dropped it off and now did not start. The wife broke down in tears and told me to scrap it. I felt terrible. The car was taken away to decide its fate. The wife was adamant it was getting scrapped but I knew how much she loved this car and how much time and money I had in the car.  Luckily for me, there are no friends like car friends. Step in William, he came, looked at the car and just said 2 words " oh god" but he said he could sort it. Car was taken and the wife was still not talking to me and told me just to scrap it. 

Fast forward 3 months I woke up to loads of pictures on my phone of blue and dam did it look good. It was perfect and just what the wife wanted. She smiled a bit but her heart was still broken. I went and got the car and started putting it back together. The engine was stripped and sorted the car now ran to.  While it was at the first body shop the wife had a wish list and a lot of parts had been bought. Full Kenwood sound system 7 inch TFT touch screen DVD player Mercedes heated seats and I fitted the lot for her. 

The day finally arrived when blue was ready, she went for her M.O.T passed with flying colours. Handed the car to the wife and after 3 years of work, she finally got her baby back. Was it worth it? If you saw the smile on her face you would know the answer. Would I do it all again? To make her that happy in a heartbeat. 


  • Stock 1.25 Zetec (for now) 
  • Heart-shaped exhaust. 


  • Complete ground-up restoration painted in one of Paris blue 
  • Full zetec s body kit. 
  • Jaguar x type led front fog lights. 
  • Lock wood grill 
  • Smoothed boot lid. 
  • Vinyl wrapped roof in matt black. 


  • Apex springs lowered 40mm 
  • All new bushes


  • 7-inch TFT touch screen DVD player with a dab. 
  • 13cm Kenwood components in front doors
  • Kenwood tweeters in the door handle 
  • Kenwood 6x9 in the parcel shelf 
  • Front and rear cameras 


  • Mk4 escort RS turbo wheels and tyres.


  • Full zetec s interior
  • Focus centre console
  • Racing puma steering wheel 
  • Mercedes heated seats inside Zetec z seats. 


  • Full alarm and immobiliser system fitted
  • Converted to the remote central locking

Big thank you to @blueovalrescue centre William Gilbert for the amazing paint job and everyone at Ian Walley racing

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