Sophie's - Lexus is200 supercharged

A fantastic example of Lexus is200, gorgeous colour and suttle extra's, makes this stand out in a crowd of modernised cars

Sophie's - Lexus is200 supercharged
Sophie's - Lexus is200 supercharged
Sophie's - Lexus is200 supercharged
Sophie's - Lexus is200 supercharged
Sophie's - Lexus is200 supercharged
Sophie's - Lexus is200 supercharged
Sophie's - Lexus is200 supercharged
Sophie's - Lexus is200 supercharged
Sophie's - Lexus is200 supercharged

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Sophie Pooley - Lexus IS200

Considering my job role and my lifestyle, modified cars really shouldn’t be something that would ‘fit’ with me. Milking cows and working at a livestock market holds its challenges, mostly being able to get into the gate with my lowered Lexus, but somehow I manage to get it down the farm track every day and it's become a rather humorous norm. Alongside this, I and my partner run a car club in North Cornwall called Sitting Pretty. 

I started my love of cars from a young age – as do most. My much older brothers were massive into the max power scene whilst I was a young child, which although died out over the last 20 years, I have found myself falling into their footsteps. My first car was a very unloved mobile shed aka a vw polo. I absolutely loved that little runaround, although it was too heavily abused to put any money into it. Once I hit 23 I went into the off-roading 4x4 scene. I bought an L200 which I heavily modified with the extensive help of my partner, including the addition of 35” tyres and wheels – with no body lift! Talk about some arch cutting and welding! I adored that truck and cried when the time came to sell it, but I was no longer towing for work and its lifespan was limited in my care. 


now own a very impractical Lexus is200. I was in need of something that was family-friendly to suit my little boy and my partner, fairly sensible to fit the weekly shopping in and something I knew was reliable to get to work. The 1g-fe engines are known to be fairly bombproof and I was blessed to find my gem for sale in the county next door. She came to me as a lowered and wrapped but quite a basic saloon, to now be absolutely madness with the help of my family. She’s a rust-free example, which if you know these cars is hard enough to find. I have since purchased her a year ago and decided to supercharge the engine using a donor car in order to keep things on a family-friendly budget. This is the way I’ve always had to keep and modify cars, but I know looking in my driveway that she owes me nothing and it’s all a bit of fun. Performance-wise that is all that I have done for her, because short of dropping a 2JZ into the engine bay, I don’t want to spend too much more on the family car. She’s quick enough at around 220-240bhp for me to be happy. 


Cosmetic wise I have gone a little crazier… The roof liner has a custom koi fish design, a large completely custom full aluminium lotus flower spoiler, splitter, decals, neons, halos ect complete the look for me. She's a dialy and I need to remember that – but I also love the aggressive look and for me, the drive is just the most amazing feeling. 

Please check out our car club Sitting Pretty on Facebook, or my personal insta is @secretquincy95 

Spec list:

  • Eaton Supercharger (and all the bits with it – Injectors, k&n air filter, intercooler ect)
  • Mishimoto Alloy radiator
  • Full japspeed decatted exhaust system with 4.5” tip
  • Wrapped in 3m Glacial frost flip wrap with 4d carbon wrap on trims. 
  • Speedline course imported German alloys 
  • Short Shifter upgrade
  • Lowered on 55mm springs
  • One of a kind ally spoiler with custom mounts, hand made by AS Spoiler
  • Splitter
  • TRD Side skirts/Bumper Skirts Front and Rear
  • Hand-done halo rings on all lights, Smoked and de-chromed. Also, tinted side repeaters and eyebrows added.
  • Extensive Hydro dipping in both the engine bay and interior. Most trims on the car have been dipped!
  • Custom koi fish roof liner
  • Kode Steering wheel and boss kit 
  • Neons

As much as I love my car, there isn’t a whole lot more for me to do with it. I’m next looking along the lines of a MK3 golf GTI, which I very briefly had one before it rotted away. I loved that also and see the potential in it to become a future classic. My dream car would be the typical jap.. I've always loved jap cars and that even includes my pick up truck. I have always wanted an Evo 8 though. Something about them just screams animal at me, but I wouldn’t say no to an RX7 or S15 either! These are all dream cars though and unless I get a lucky raffle win, I don’t see myself getting one any time soon.

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