Lee - Nissan Skyline R34 GTT

To say this as a lot of modifications would be an understatement, it as an entire shop, such attention to detail, fantastic car

Lee -  Nissan Skyline R34 GTT
Lee -  Nissan Skyline R34 GTT
Lee -  Nissan Skyline R34 GTT
Lee -  Nissan Skyline R34 GTT
Lee -  Nissan Skyline R34 GTT
Lee -  Nissan Skyline R34 GTT
Lee -  Nissan Skyline R34 GTT

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My name is Lee, 

Nissan Skyline R34 GTT

Instagram is @lee_adler and I'm a European business functional analyst for a welding firm.

Since I was a young boy I've always been into cars; going to car shows with my then step dad, cruises to Southend when it was less about modern cars and more about classics and subscriptions to all the car mags of the day.  I remember having pictures on the wall of cars like the Bugatti EB-110 and the Ferrari F40, cars I still dream about owning today, but what really sealed the deal was fast forwarding to 1999 when I was 16, and getting a copy of Gran Turismo 2.  One of the cars that made its debut on it just captivated me and commanded attention and saw HOURS of play time; the Nissan Skyline R34 GTT and since then it was always my dream car.

My first car when I was 17 was far removed from the R34 though, it was a Peugeot 205 automatic, followed quickly by a Nova 1.3sr which was the first car I modified.  But after falling in love with the Skyline, I had Japanese car blood running through my veins so as soon as budget allowed I moved into the world of Jap cars - as did my friends.  I've had a lot of Skylines over the years, never really going to town modifying them as they weren't 'the one' but an opportunity arose to get a very nice and pretty much standard R34 GTT.  Don't let the lack of a GTR badge fool you - these are still very capable cars with the strong neo engine but with two major benefits over the GTR platform; RWD and also they are the underdog.

The fact that people always say 'oh it's only a GTT' has helped guide my modification process.  The exterior I have kept relatively stock looking - with subtle styling upgrades, the interior is OEM+ with most interior plastics replaced, cleaned, retrimmed or customised - but the monster that lurks under the bonnet is what separates it from the crowd and makes people pay attention; a massively high spec RIPS RB30 - sourced and built by Richard Bell (Bells Auto Services).

The current spec list is as follows:

Power: 640bhp

Torque: 530ft/lb


  • Defi Link BF Water Temp Gauge
  • Defi Link BF Oil Temp Gauge
  • Defi Link BF Boost Gauge
  • Defi Link BF Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Defi Link Advance Control Unit II
  • Nismo combination meter gauges
  • Blitz DSC control module
  • Link G4 ECU
  • Link AIT sensor
  • Link Boost control solenoid
  • Link 3 bar map sensor


  • RIPS RB30 block and crank. Cylinders bored to 86.5mm & refaced
  • RIPS Steel con rods
  • RIPS Extended baffled sump
  • CP Forged pistons and rings
  • Extended crank nose
  • N1 oil pump
  • ARP Head studs
  • Cosworth Metal Head Gasket
  • Gas Flowed, ported and polished RB25 head with fully machined combustion chamber
  • Tomei Procam 272/272 with 10.5mm lift
  • Tomei Solid Lifters
  • Tomei Oil Restrictor plugs
  • Tomei Valve springs and retainers
  • Tomei Adjustable Cam Pulleys
  • Brian Crower 1mm oversized valves
  • RB Rebuild Head Drain
  • OEM RB26 Cam Covers
  • Tomei Ornament plate
  • Bosch 850cc Motorsport High Impedance Injectors
  • HKS Fuel Rail
  • Wiring Specialities Replacement smart coil-pack harness
  • Splitfire Coilpacks
  • Platinum Racing Products Cam and Crank Trigger Kit
  • Sytec MSV Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Sytec 400lph fuel pump
  • 6Boost T3 Open 50mm Exhaust Manifold
  • Garrett GTX3076R Gen 2 with .82 housing
  • Turbosmart Progate 50mm lite
  • Funk Motorsport Titanium turbo heat blanket
  • RB Rebuild 80mm Throttle Body
  • RB Rebuild High Flow Intercooler Core
  • Greddy Front facing inlet manifold
  • Greddy Titanium Intake Badge
  • Greddy Airinx Filter
  • Custom Downpipe and screamer
  • Custom Stainless Exhaust
  • Attain KSP Radiator Closing Panel
  • Greddy TW-R Aluminium Radiator
  • Mine's Cam cover baffles
  • RB Rebuild Custom radiator shroud
  • RB Rebuild Washer / Oil Catch Tank Kit
  • RB Rebuild Custom oil cooler
  • RB Rebuild Custom Oil filter relocation kit
  • Greddy Neodymium Magdrain
  • Nismo Reservoir Sock
  • Nismo S-Tune Oil Filler Cap
  • Nismo Radiator Cap
  • Nismo Veruspeed oil filter

Drivetrain, Brakes and Suspension

  • Nismo Transmission mount
  • Nismo Engine mounts
  • Exedy Hyper Twin Plate Clutch
  • APP Braided clutch line
  • Nismo Large Clutch Operating Cylinder
  • Kaaz 1.5way SuperQ Differential
  • Blitz Damper ZZ-R DSC Coilovers
  • Kansai Service Front Tower Bar
  • Blitz Rear strut brace
  • Whiteline Front and Rear ARB
  • Whiteline Drop Links
  • D2 6pot Front Brake calipers
  • D2 330mm Front Brake Discs
  • D2 Braided brake lines
  • Project Mu rear pads
  • Work Zeast ST1 custom two piece wheels
  • Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R tyres

Interior and Exterior 

  • Nismo GT500 Titanium Gear Knob
  • Nismo Floor Mat Set
  • Works Bell Short Boss Kit
  • Greddy 340mm steering wheel
  • Custom Alcantara retrimmed headlining and sun-visors
  • Nissan S15 black map and dome lights
  • Zoom Engineering Carbon TS rear view mirror and stalk
  • Modified ashtray to mount Blitz DSC controller
  • Custom volt meter built into window switch surround
  • Most dash plastics are replaced with new
  • Altia Rear bumper
  • Nismo S-tune rear spats
  • Impul Front bumper
  • Uras Type R Side Skirts
  • Uras Bonnet Lip
  • Nismo Smoked side indicators
  • Nismo Crystal Front Markers
  • Behrman Headlight Lens Replacements
  • Driftworks LED Rear Light Conversion
  • Nismo Fuel Filler Cap Cover
  • Craft Square TCA-F Competition Touring Wing Mirrors
  • Custom Adjustable wing risers
  • Custom Wing riser covers
  • Greddy Engine Hood Lifters

Is the project finished?  No not even close.  I still have plans to do something tricky with the gearbox, full respray and more re-trimming and custom seats... amongst other things.  The car is part of me now, I can't see me ever parting with it.  It's everything I ever wanted from a modified car and more and puts a MASSIVE smile on my face whenever I drive it.

You can always catch me on the Skyline Owners Forum or at local meets every now and then.  Looking forward to Yakushi coming up in September too which is always a pleasure to attend.
Massive thanks to: Richard Bell  @BellsAutoServices for building a beast of an engine and the tuning, Wayne Taylor @AutoExtreme_ltd, Paul Howard @JDMGarageuk and the team at Garage D for supplying parts and doing the odd job here and there for me too.

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