Roland Arato - Seat Leon

Batmans enemy Harvey Dent as got a new car

Roland Arato - Seat Leon
Roland Arato - Seat Leon
Roland Arato - Seat Leon
Roland Arato - Seat Leon
Roland Arato - Seat Leon
Roland Arato - Seat Leon
Roland Arato - Seat Leon
Roland Arato - Seat Leon
Roland Arato - Seat Leon
Roland Arato - Seat Leon

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My name is Roland Arato, 

My Instagram: @arato.roli

I'm from Hungary, but now I live with my fiance, Barbara in the Uk based in Surrey County for 2,5 years. 

I started as a motorhome technician at a camper car rental company, Spaceships rentals, now I'm a branch manager. 

When I was a little child about 4, my father worked as a car painter, and we have got a vw classic beetle. He did the first claSSIC beetle trailer in Hungary in 1996, and we went to a lot of VWmeetings.  

I love that period of my life. In my early 20th years i had got several vag cars everything with little modifications. In  the Uk we bought our first car. Seat Toledo tip sport but sadly with some wiring issues we sold it, and we bought this Leon. 

It was my dream couple of years ago. I always like to do the modifications on my cars so the leon has got coilovers, drilled brake discs, textar brake pads, tinted windows. 19" Cast13 Rb2 wheels, they were in really bad condition, so I refurbished them all around 8,5J et45 with 20mm adaptors. 225/35 tyres. 

The Seat Leon as an average tuning base we cant see new tuning so I didn't want to build it. But.. I love nice wheels so I'm always changing it, and came across a set of 3Sdm 0.06 wheels from a Bmw in pink. I bought them, and after I started refurbishing and polishing them they came up nice, the front are 8,5J and the rear is 10J. 

I want to keep the Cast13 wheels also so I think to put on the new wheels just one side. And I like the matte light brown colour so in the evening I came up with an idea. I will do a half-half car fully like Harvey Dent the Two-face from Batman.. I didn't see a build like this before, so I wanted to do it. 

The brown is plasti dip, because maybe I would like to change the color for next year. I put in a turbo gauge in a Red Bull can, and did a makett car also. In the future I’m planning to put in a roll cage, some bucket seats, and a bigger sub. The steering wheel came from a seat ibiza cupra pd160.

Engine is pd150 with a hardcut limiter and remap, 60mm pipe to the intercooler and a straight thru exhaust at the with two 70mm pipes. 

Brakes: drilled 280mm discs with Textar pads. 

Suspension stance+ coilovers

Wheels: right side Cast13 Rb2 19" 8,5J 5x112 with adaptors

Left side 3sdm 0.06 front 8,5J rear 10J 5x120 with adaptors


full original for bodykit, headlamp vinyl, half of the car with Plastidip. 

Interior: seat ibiza pd160 steering wheel, custom turbo gauge, Pioneer radio unit with a pioneer sub. 

I did every mod myself and with my friend. 

My first car was a Suzuki swift mk2 from Hungary. It was just lowered and some audio modifications.

I've started a facebook page:


for English car meetings because i love all the cars and in my freetime with my fiance we are going to these events.

And also I ve got a hungarian facebook page where I'm one of the admins.


My dream car is a Porsche 356, VW classic Beetle.. 

Thanks for viewing and have a good day!


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