Gary Needham - Fiesta ST 150 Turbo

I decided to rebuild the engine to a fully forged hi-spec engine and run more power so it's now running a healthy 406 Bhp

Gary Needham  - Fiesta ST 150 Turbo
Gary Needham  - Fiesta ST 150 Turbo
Gary Needham  - Fiesta ST 150 Turbo
Gary Needham  - Fiesta ST 150 Turbo
Gary Needham  - Fiesta ST 150 Turbo
Gary Needham  - Fiesta ST 150 Turbo
Gary Needham  - Fiesta ST 150 Turbo
Gary Needham  - Fiesta ST 150 Turbo
Gary Needham  - Fiesta ST 150 Turbo

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Fiesta ST 150 Turbo

Gary Needham


I am a construction/Groundcare machinery engineer 

Since I could drive at 17 I've always been interested in modifying cars, I've had many different cars that I have modified and sprayed over the years then I had my first son and I gave it up for a few years so I brought a little st150 as a runaround but at the time I didn't have any intention of modifying it.

Then I decided that it was a bit boring so I started to change a few things lol bigger wheels splitters as you can see, then I decide it needed more power so I started on the engine bigger cams, manifold induction kit exhaust and so on, I had it mapped it was running 185bhp but that wasn't enough so I decided to do a turbo conversion with a td04 turbo which was then running 280bhp which was quite quick, the engine and gearbox decided to go bang.

I decided to rebuild the engine to a fully forged hi-spec engine and run more power so it's now running a healthy 406 Bhp on a Garrett turbo. The car is pretty much how I want it now with maybe a bigger intercooler and injectors to run a bit more power later on.

I think the colour scheme and the turbo build make this one very unique car .and a lot of the parts are custom made, I've done 95% of the work myself.


  • Ported and polished Cosworth style inlet manifold with Ferriday TIG all sprayed champion yellow, 
  • Wiseco forged piston,
  • K1 forged rods with arp bolts, 
  • Arp head bolts, 
  • Arp main bolts 
  • Arp flywheel bolts, 
  • Arp crank bolts, 
  • Arp camshaft bolts,
  • Supertech 1mm oversized iconnel valves,
  • Colesbro valve guides,
  • Ported and polished head,
  • Cosworth Duratec head gasket with Ferriday 1mm copper gasket shim,
  • Mahle motorsport racing big end bearings,
  • Diado racing main bearings,
  • Keyed crankshaft crank sprocket and crank pulley, 
  • Crankshaft polished balanced and oil way chamfered, 
  • Airtec PCV baffled breather plate, 
  • Airtec oil catch tank system, 
  • Sbd upgraded chain tensioner, 
  • Cosworth high lift valve springs and retainers, 
  • Cosworth 200 spec cams,
  • Cometic exhaust gasket with Ferriday TEP,
  • Alloy engine caps all hydro dipped, 
  • Turbo sport adjustable vernier cam pulleys with dowels, 
  • 12" ITG Cosworth 900bhp spec air filter with k&n wrap and 3" tube
  • Custom cold feed pipe and bumper-mounted trumpet, 
  • Enlarged 60mm throttle body with custom throttle body 20mm spacer, 
  • Cosworth 82-degree thermostat,
  • Mountune performance spark leads and ngk racing spark plugs,
  • Custom hybrid Garrett gt3076r turbo with anti-surge ported compressor housing,
  • Braided oil and coolant pipes with torques fittings, 
  • Funk motorsport turbo blanket with custom 3" downpipe, 
  • Cast iron t25 turbo manifold with cometic gasket,
  • Turbosmart wg40 external wastegate with 1.5" custom screamer pipe, 
  • Custom 2.5" intercooler piping,
  • Js performance hose joiners, 
  • Airtec intercooler, 
  • Aem truboost controller, 
  • Mazda MPS 3 bar map sensor and turbo smart vee port pro dump valve,
  • Fusion fabrication custom 3" downpipe going down 2.5" sports cat /decat
  • Full 2.5" cat-back system with twin diablo 5" slash cut burnt exhaust tips,
  • Powerflex exhaust hanger rubbers, 
  • Power steering relocation kit and 10-row power steering oil cooler, 
  • Yellow js performance silicone hoses, 
  • Oil catch tank, 
  • Airtec 45mm alloy  radiator, 
  • Custom made alloy header tank, 
  • 16-row oil cooler and mocal thermostatic sandwich plate, 
  • Vibra Technic engine mount, 
  • Arc gearbox mounts, 
  • Uprated Cosworth high flow oil pump,
  • Siemens Deka 630cc 60lb injectors, 
  • Walbro 300 lph uprated fuel pump, 
  • Alternator relocation kit,
  • Scangauge 2 display, 
  • MTX 75 gearbox conversion with Quaife LSD diff and arc mounts 
  • Focus mk2 driveshaft bearing housing and custom braided clutch line
  •  TTV racing lightweight flywheel and 5 paddle clutch kit,
  • Arc baffled sump,
  • Victor reinz gaskets and seals throughout, 
  • Scs delta 800 ECU with st150 custom loom with map switch,
  • Launch control switch and traction control pot,

Mapped and tuned by sabre tuning running 406bhp and 302lbs torque at 19 -20 psi boost.


  • Rear Maxton diffuser with custom twin holes cut for exhausts,
  •  Maxton rear corner spats and centre diffuser with yellow detailing,
  • Mountune sun strip, 
  • Custom one-off bonnet, 
  • Mk7 gloss black bee sting aerial, 
  • TCR front splitter with seat Leon splitter custom mounted on the bottom,
  • 3 piece splitter, 
  • Bumper ties,
  • Team heko wind deflectors with yellow detailing,
  • Stainless steel rocker cover, 
  • Stainless steel under bonnet mirrors, 
  • Stainless steel battery cover, 
  • Stainless steel crossover plate, 
  • Stainless steel fuel rail cover all hydro dip in yellow lightning, 
  • Focus mk1 rs style Front bumper vents cut in, 
  • Front splitter support bars, 
  • custom led projector headlights with eyebrows,
  • Dark smoke led rear lights, 
  • Focus st indicator mirrors with gloss black covers, 
  • Custom vented wings with wide arch fenders on front and rear,
  • TCR bonnet lip, 
  • TCR side skirt splitter Yellow detailing, 
  • fiesta st180 Maxton side skirt extension spats, 
  • Tinted windows, 
  • Yellow pin striping, 
  • focus rs style rear spoiler with a custom lip spoiler on top and focus mk3 lip on top of that, 
  • NBS gas bonnet struts, 
  • 3D gel smoked number plates personalised plate,
  • Yellow TRS tow strap,
  • Yellow and black union Jack roof decal, 
  • Auto beam halo fog light rings, 
  • Led fog lights, 
  • Debagded front grill, 
  • Yellow pin stripping all over  

Wheels & Tyres:

18” 8j wide team dynamics pro 1.2 alloys painted in gloss black with blue & gold metal flake wrapped in 215 35 18 Falken fk510 tyres  7mm custom rear axle spacers and 8mm front wheel spacers 


  • B.B. classics front sport seats with a yellow st badge, 
  • Yellow TRS 3 point harnesses with black shoulder pads, 
  • Rear leather seat with a yellow st badge, 
  • Blue auto beam footwell LEDs, 
  • Custom centre dash housing an Innovate Oil temp and Pressure gauge AEM boost gauge and AEM Afr gauge, 
  • Armster centre armrest, 
  • Scangauge 2 obd display, 
  • Mountune floor mats, 
  • Yellow stitched Omp 320mm flat-bottom steering wheel with b-g quick release boss, 
  • Omp seat subframes sprayed yellow, 
  • Black and yellow stitched gator and hand brake cover and belt buckle covers, 
  • Black yellow gear knob, 
  • Yellow vent surrounds, 
  • Yellow dimma show roll cage made to fit, 
  • St seatbelt shoulder covers, 
  • Rear boot strut sprayed yellow, 
  • Yellow door handles, 
  • Yellow door cards, 
  • Blue illuminated switches and dials, 
  • Yellow gear gator ring, 
  • Black roof lining and sun visor,
  • Blacked out dashboard 

Suspension & Running Gear:

  • Yellow front strut brace custom made, 
  • White line rear anti-sway roll bar sprayed yellow, 
  • Dgr coilovers with stiffness/softness adjustment front lowered about 50mm and rear 65mm 
  • Reyland Motorsport 330mm 2 pieces slotted rear brake conversion 
  • Ebc yellow stuff pads, 
  • Custom reyland motorsport 343mm 2 piece slotted discs 
  • Alfa Gtv Brembo 4 pot callipers with adapter bracket sprayed yellow 
  • Ebc yellow stuff pads, 
  • Yellow braided brake hose with racing brake fluid 
  • All-round powerflex bushes, 
  • Adjustable uprated front link bars,
  • focus mk1 diesel driveshafts
  • focus shifter tower and cables.


  • Pioneer Sph-da130dab head unit with reverse camera
  • Hertz hpd1 d mono amp with bass controller
  • Hertz hpd4 d 4 channel amp
  • Hertz hx 300d 12" sub
  • All housed in custom boot build in spare wheel hole with blue LEDs
  • Hertz Energy ECX 570.5 5x7 rear speakers
  • Hertz energy ESK165.5 front components
  • Dead mat sound deadening 
  • 0 gauge ofc wiring split into 2 x 4 gauge ofc wiring kits
  • Auto beam colour changing led strip

I would like to say thanks to

Leighton @circuitmotorsports_sabretuning for tuning and mapping.

James @grace_engine_developments with help with the engine build

@jasonhicks8917 for the painting and bodywork

Mark @mkcustomz for all the hydro dipping

Matt @ for all the exhaust and turbo fabrication work 

And everyone else that help and supplied the products

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