Andy Sham - Honda S2000

I bought a Honda S2000 because i always wanted one when i was a young boy. I Think when the first fast furious movie was released that was when it really attracted me and made me want one more than ever.

Andy Sham - Honda S2000
Andy Sham - Honda S2000
Andy Sham - Honda S2000
Andy Sham - Honda S2000
Andy Sham - Honda S2000

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Hi, my name is Andy Sham.

I run my own businesses, in the food trade and automotive sector.

Check out my Instagram @sham_2k to see some of the cars I deal with.

I got into the car scene when I passed my driving test, and my first car was a red Honda Civic EJ9 with a little 1.4 engine. Have to say it wasn’t as quick as I wanted it to be, but it handled a dream with all the Ek9 upgrades I did to it. I wanted to put a DC2 B18 engine inside this car, but my brother beat me to it, and I never wanted to have the same as my brother. But the car was my joy and pride still back in the days, Red mine 1.4, Midnight purple my brothers EK4 with dc2 B18 98 spec, and yellow Ek9 my other brother.

Right now my daily is my VW Golf Bluemotion, that’s my workhorse. But I do also have a Honda S2000, Honda Integra DC5 as well. They are both in storage and only come out when the weather is nice and hot. 

I bought a Honda S2000 because I always wanted one when I was a young boy. I Think when the first fast furious movie was released that was when it really attracted me and made me want one more than ever.

My S2000 is my main project, and I have owned the car for over 9years now, in the space of that time, I think I’ve only put like 10k on the clock since I first purchased it at 47k. I always had a vision on how I would have it and majority wise I now have it all done. There will always be mods that you want, it's never-ending lol.

Modification wise, I brought nearly everything new from japan. And here’s the list.


  • J’s GT wing Type 1
  • Carbon Side Skirts
  • Seibon Mugen bonnet
  • OEM Honda facelift front lip

Not too much to the exterior.


  • J’s Gear knob
  • Momo Steering wheel
  • Defi Gauges
  • PLX AFR Gauge

Performance-wise installed:

  • AEM infinity EMS
  • J’s Intake
  • J’s T-Rev
  • J’s front strut with engine damper
  • J’s rear strut
  • J’s Carbon Cover
  • KoyoRad
  • LP Coil Packs
  • Toda Torque Kun Manifold
  • Toda 70mm Cat-back dual exit
  • Toda Decat
  • Cusco Brake stopper
  • Cusco U shape, under chassis, reinforce strut
  • JDM Grounding kit
  • Mission Motorsports Full coilovers, every Coilover holding extra tank
  • Ultra racing front and rear anti-roll bar

Stuff that was brought years ago and still not fitted:

  • Rays Volks CE28 in Diamond black
  • Toda light flywheel
  • LSD
  • J’s final drive 4.44
  • J’s Driveshaft distant collar
  • Cusco subframe strut
  • Spoon rigid collars
  • Spoon bump steer kit

And more that I can't remember lol.

Later I think I do want to go down the route with Toda ITB’s, as I don’t really want to go down the forced induction route. That’s a plan for later. After getting Romain to remap the car, the performance of the car feels like it has been properly unlocked, and from the figure sheet producing 253BHP from the engine.

Some work I have done by myself, but the majority of the work is done at Mission MotorWorks by Kenny. He is the guy that taught me everything about cars and I truly thank him and his wife Francis for everything they have taught me. The car one competition at the ace cafe s2000 met for the best-modded car at the scene, something I didn’t really plan for real, I just thought I turn up and see what everyone else is doing lol.

I think the next thing is gonna get the car ready for the track, the first track day in February didn’t really go to plan, as the weather was really horrible, and couldn’t really push the car to the limit. But that is what I would like to do next, is get it tracked ready and maybe get it a little bit faster with the ITB’s

My dream car at the moment and being realistic would be a Porsche GT4, wasn’t much of a Porsche fan before, but since driving quite a few they definitely are on another level, and I would like to have one myself. Now I understand why people love Porsches lol.


'The future is bright as long as we can still Smell the Fumes'

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