Harrys - Ford Focus ST

Stance Auto Magazine features a modified Ford Focus ST, showcasing the endless possibilities of this popular hot hatch. With its sleek lines and aggressive styling, the Focus ST is a perfect platform for custom modifications. From air suspension to widebody kits, there's something for everyone in this article.

Harrys - Ford Focus ST

My names Harry McWilliams, Ford Focus ST

I drive a Ford Focus ST mk2 facelift. I just love these cars. They're such a great toy (but dont come cheap). I first bought the car completely standard from a Ford dealership. The cars engine was standard back then at 225bhp. But since then I have changed allsorts, including a new intercooler, whole new air intake system, decatted exhaust and put a stage 1 map producing 320bhp which pretty much pushes it to its max on a stage 1. 

Ok so moving on, most of the modifications I've done Myself; including the engine, inside the car, under the car and just the general trims on the outside, for example: I de badged the whole car so it's a nice flush smooth finish. Mostly used all ebay parts but still fairly expensive. This isn't my first modified car but its definitely my best one. I havent finished it .

I've still got loads planned for it. One thing I do have planned for it though is a new RS clutch. Following that it will be getting a stage 2 map, hopefully bumping it up to around 360bhp -  380bhp at a push. My passion for this car is sky high, it's just an animal, a real road asbo car! I love the fact the handling is superb when its thrown into a corner.

Then on the exit from a corner it will stick to the road, pulling away popping and banging through every gear with flames from the exhaust. Combined with the sound of the turbo whining away, I just love it.


  • new ECU
  • Re mapped to 320 bhp
  • Led lights front/back
  • Mesh grilles
  • Intercooler
  • New air intake system
  • Radiator
  • Front splitter
  • Colour changing halo fog lights
  • Coloured side lights
  • Sun strip
  • Ariel
  • Grille neons
  • Underglow neons
  • Side skirts
  • Blacked out windows limo black
  • Standard 18inch rims
  • Lowered only slightly
  • De cat pipe
  • Straight through exhaust system
  • RS spoiler
  • Carbon fibre door handles
  • Smoked rear lights top/bottom
  • Rear wiper blade edit 


  • Standard Recaro bucket seats
  • Deep dish racing steering wheel
  • Dash neons
  • Interior colour light
  • Built in dvd player
  • Coloured clocks (green)

And that's my beaST.

I go to alot of shows mainly in the summer and car meets (when i can) all year round. My dream car would still be the focus ST but tuned to 1000bhp haha