Paddy - RS Focus Mk3

Paddy - RS Focus Mk3
Paddy - RS Focus Mk3
Paddy - RS Focus Mk3
Paddy - RS Focus Mk3
Paddy - RS Focus Mk3
Paddy - RS Focus Mk3

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Paddy 52 years old and a massive ford fan, 

RS Focus Mk3

I’ve had a lot of fords starting with the XR3i which I had for 3 years, such an awesome car back in its day I then  moved onto a RS2000 ex rally/road car which was fast for its time and was fun to drive, then I moved onto a RS turbo on Y reg which I had running 190 bhp courtesy of Power engineering in Uxbridge,looking back iI wish I had kept some of these old cars not just because they were so good but because they are now worth so much money, from that I had a white ST25 which I left standard it was a good  car, clean and reliable.

I went onto a Mk2 RS Focus in white and black which had been left on the drive for a year so I put a lot of love into it and got it back to how it should be with 420bhp.

Thanks to Collins performance, a fun reliable fast car always puts a smile on my face. 

Then to what I have now, a RS Focus Mk3 in stealth grey and black combo

I got this from RS direct on 4500 miles running FMP375 and worked my way up to what I have got it up to today M520 soon to be MSD500 plus my

Mods on this are


  • Air tec intercooler
  • Ramair induction with wide boy mouth intake
  • Milltek sports cat
  • Mountune v3 exhaust
  • Mountune rec valve
  • Mountune cast manifold
  • Turbo Technics 600bhp plus turbo
  • M520 remap
  • Uprated diff and drive shafts
  • Stage 3 ceramic clutch
  • Mountune Short shift
  • Fully forged engine by dreamscience in hull
  • Mountune Forged gear box
  • Mountune hard pipes
  • Uprate fuel pump by devil developments  

Other mods

  • Mountune lowering kit with 15mm spacers
  • Alcantara steering wheel
  • Carbon gear knob
  • Mountune matts
  • Rs seat covers
  • Yellow stuff pads
  • Drilled discs front and back

It's my money pit but this car always puts a smile on my face when I drive it, every time I look at it, it just makes me smile what more could you ask for.

My plan is having MSD500 plus a map done soon so I’m looking forward to higher figures and more fun at the wheel as always.

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