Mark 's Toyota MR2 Turbo

Mark Morris from Blackpool Toyota MR2 Turbo

Mark 's Toyota MR2 Turbo
Mark 's Toyota MR2 Turbo
Mark 's Toyota MR2 Turbo
Mark 's Toyota MR2 Turbo

Mark Morris from Blackpool Toyota MR2 Turbo

This is a lovely looking MR2 with quite a few mods on, i've seen this at some of the shows i attend and it always gets lots of photo's taken of it, going to shows and events with your car, and attracting attention is what it is all about, i've said it before, but it really is a great place to make new friends and new contacts, get idea's, tips n tricks from like minded people, 

Modifications were already completed when i got the car, apart from new kenwood touch screen bluetooth usb stereo and clifford alarm, tracker to replace old system, it as quite a bit done to it, which i think have made it just about right for me, both Body wise and Performance. It now as a massive 283bhp on last dyno run, so yeah its quick.

Car Specs

1990 Rev 1 Mr2 Turbo Engine & Gearbox

Rev 1 Block

Rev 3 Cylinder Head

Celica GT 4 Charge Cooler

Razor Sport Turbo Timer

Blitz Nur Spec R Exhaust

Blitz ID Boost Controller

Rev 5 LSD Gearbox

Walbro Fuel Pump

AEM Mappable ECU

AEM Induction Kit

Turbo Techniques S148 Hybrid Turbo

Samco Intercooler Hoses


Whiteline Anti Roll Bars, Fully Poly Brushed suspension, Fully Adjustable Coilovers, Stern Split Rim Alloy Wheels, Rev 3 Full Brakes Upgrade, Short Shifter Kit,

Body and Interior Full

Veilside Body Kit, Full Interior, Strip Sparco Racing Bucket Seats, Carbon Rear Centre Panel ,Rev 4 Gear Gator, TRD Fuel Cap, TRD Gear Knob, Kenwood Touch Screen Bluetooth USB Stereo, Rear View Camera, Vibe 6x9 Speakers, Single Wiper Conversion ,Clifford Alarm and Tracker Paint: Porsche Red 80k Fiat Black Mica 632 Bonnet, Dual hydraulic Gas Struts, TRD Steering Wheel

This is my 7th car and 3rd MR2 have owned a base spec jap import 3sfe auto and a UK spec 3sgte manual and now my current import turbo, I have also owned previously other stuff like a sierra, granada bmw 328i and currently drive a Celica gen6 1.8 ST as my 2nd daily driver car.

I have always found the MR2 best to drive as the way it sounds feels performs looks and drives is league's ahead of any other cars driven guess this is down to the fact Toyota make such good cars. 

My next plans with the MR2 are to go full engine forge and water methanol injection

I follow and go to events with car groups of jap2jap extreme bhp and welovejap2s and go to events track days in it when possible I have won 1st place in a people's choice award at show winning a trophy in it

My dream car would be a highly modified mk4 supra running 700bhp plus