Martin's Lexus is200

Another fantastic example of the Lexus is200 in metallic blue, lowered and customised

Martin's Lexus is200

This is my favourite colour for the lexus, and a mighty fine looking car he as here, on a budget he as done a great job, with only slight modifications, you can still have your dream car, and seems he does well at shows, plus he runs a Facebook group for other owners, shows his dedication to the lexus worl, well done.

 My name is Martin, 34, from Anglesey, North Wales. 

I run my own valeting business. Established in 2016 but with over 17 years experience in the valeting & cleaning industry. A reliable, honest & trustworthy company that does a great job at a competitive price. Message us today for free estimates. Anglesey Valeting & Cleaning Services

 Lexus IS200

I've loved cars from a very young age. After being made redundant 4yrs ago, I decided to do what I love. Valeting! Love what I do & get to work on some amazing cars. 

My Cars are currently off the road as a project.I only have a few things to do: new brakes & coilovers then be back on the road. 

Has a full body kt, 

Roof & boot spoiler. 

3 bar Altezza grille. 

LED rear lights. 

18" Tekno RX7 Alloys

Currently lowered on 35mm springs apex springs. 

Full custom made stainless steel exhaust system with a scorpion backbox. Made by a guy local to me who does custom exhausts

Loads of custom touches like a colour coded grille, painted the roof gloss black, etc. 

I’ve had  the car for 6yrs so yeah i’ve been tinkering for a long time, most people who own this model will tell you, once you've driven one your hooked their so comfy, and the mods you can do are far better than most cheap cars out there, plus these are very hard to find on scrap yards, that alone says alot for the model.

 I've had various cars over the past 15yrs or so. This is my 2nd Lexus. My 1st car was a 1989 VW Polo (breadvan). 

I’ve Modified every car I've ever owned but this is the one I've spent the most on & kept the longest. Had a Fiesta ST previously which had been modified & tuned to 200bhp.

I  Still have a lot of plans for this Lexus but it is just going to be an ongoing project. 

I run a group called 'Lexus Fanclub UK' and am a member of most of the Lexus groups like Lexus IS200, Lex Nation, Lexus Fanclub UK (obviously). Also member of Vaux Life, Outcasts, Modified Official, MSC (Micra clubs)

I often Enter cover photo competitions on various fb groups & won multiple times, so my car must look the business, i know it's not a material prize, but it gives you some pride, that your car looks the part, I've also had my Lexus on stands & Japfest a couple of times. No awards but always gets loads of attention. Also got featured in the readers rides section in Banzai magazine, which is pretty awesome.

Would love to own a Lexus LFA or a Nissan GTR. Drove a GTR along with a Lambo, Ferrari & Aston Martin & the GTR was just incredible. Yet to drive a LFA. Thanks.

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